Evil Master Of Doom
Real Name: Prahvus the Untamed

Prahvus is one of the many Warlords, that terrorized Eternia during the Great Unrest. This evil warlord leads his minions, from his skiff. He is a gray-skinned villain with bright-blue markings and red-glowing eyes.


200X MYP Cartoon Continuity:

notable warlord on the planet Eternia following the rise of the Mystic Wall, Prahvus was known to had terrorised regions of the world in order to bring them under his dominion. At some point, a Pazleean called Odiphus met with him and spoke of his village. Seeing a new target to conquer, Prahvus was informed by the young Odiphus where the weapons were stored and thus launched his attack. Whilst his warriors conducted the raid, Odiphus highlighted how helpful he was and asked if he could join Prahvus's "gang" but the warlord simply continued the attack. Whilst seemingly defenseless, a young Human woman emerged and used magic to protect the village. She easily managed to defeat Prahvus's warriors forcing the warlord to attack her himself. But he proved to be also unable to vanquish the mysterious woman and was soundly defeated but managed to retreat with his warriors. Afterwards, it was known that he joined with other warlords and began to terrorize other lands, which brought about a period in Eternia known as the Great Unrest.

He eventually attacked the great inventor Sortech and his city, trying to seize the power source. Sortech pleaded with him not to remove it but he did not listen and was seemingly killed by the explosion.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

Released by Count Marzo from his magical prison, Prahvus the Untamed roamed throughout Eternia terrorizing the populace and causing havoc throughout the land. Marzo had intended to use Prahvus as a distraction, to divide Miro’s troops during the Great Unrest. But thanks to the heroics of Prince Keldor, Prahvus was contained again inside of a magical lamp. Decades later, after Hordak returned to Eternia, two of his bumbling minions released the warlord again, but this time, he was quickly enslaved to the Horde Invaders by Hordak’s chief witch. Prahvus uses his unstoppable strength and great magic to destroy any heroic warriors who get in his way!


MOTU 200X MYP Cartoon Appearances:

MOTUC Mini-Comic Appearances:

SPECIE : Unknown Race
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Parts Unknown
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Prahvus' Mace
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