Salineasi / Merfolk / Water Maiden

Salineasi are an aquatic race on Etheria, that live in the underwater Kingdom Of Salineas. They are humanoids that can change the lower-half of their bodies into fish-tails, very much like Mermaids. The magic Pearl Of Power is the abcient talisman that gives them the ability to chage back and fourth. They have the power to swim a super speeds and can control the beasts under the Etherian waters. They also have the ability to read the thoughts of ocean creatures. During Etheria's occupation of the Evil Horde, King Mercia was the reigning king of Salineas. He believed that all Surface Dwellers were not welcome in his kingdom, because they do not trust them. They believed if they remained secret, the Evil Horde couldn't find them. Mermista was the only Salineasi to go to the surface to join the Great Rebellion and to guard the mystical Crystal Falls, which pours into the healing waters of Crystal Bay. When She-Ra saved the City Of Oceana (capital city of Salineas), King Mercia began to support the Great Rebellion.


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Kingdom Of Salineas
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