Sword Of Protection

Sword Of Protection

The Sword of Protection is the sword that Adora uses to transform into She-Ra, It has the power to not only transform Adora into She-ra but also Spirit into Swiftwind. It has a jewel imbedded in the hilt. The sword is either silver or gold, depending on which continuity.

Origin #1 (Filmation Cartoons):

In addition to being a formidable weapon, the Sword Of Protection is capable of cutting through most substances or deflecting attacks, the Sword of Protection has the ability to change its shape, a trait not shared by the Sword of Power. She-Ra can change the sword to a variety of weapons or tools through spoken command, varying from a shield to lasso, to a helmet or flaming blade.

Origin #2 (MOTU UK Magazines)

In this origin of the Sword of Protection, it is created, by Keclar, from a meteor, that crashed on ancient Eternia, called the Gem-Stone of Power. The Sword of Power also came from the same Gem-Stone of Power.

Origin #3 (MOTUC Bios):

When Randor and Marlena's children, Adam and Adora, are born, the Sorceress clones the Power Sword and enhances the cloned version with the Stone of Protection. When Prince Adam travels to Etheria, which is located in the Dimension of Despondos. After Adora learns of her true heritage, Adam gives her the cloned Power Sword - the Sword of Protection. Adora channels the combined Power of the Universe and Wisdom of the Elders to transform into She-Ra.Through the Sword of Protection, her steed, Spirit transforms into Swiftwind.

Origin #4 (DC 52 Comics):


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