Laughing Swan Inn

Laughing Swan Inn

The Laughing Swan Inn is a popular watering hole, in the village of Thaymor. Owned by Garv The Innkeeper, it is described as a cheery, medieval style inn, with a fireplace and many wooden tables. The inn is visited by several customers, who are seen enjoying their meals and listening to Willowand the Bard, who would play soft strains on his harp, at one end of the common room.

History #1 (Mini-Comics):

In the mini-comics, the Laughing Swan Inn is shaped like a large, pink swan, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

History #2 (POP Filmation Cartoons):

When Prince Adam and Cringer first come to Etheria, they travel to the inn to have something to eat. It is there, they first encounter the Evil Horde, in the form of three Horde Troopers. Adam steps in, when the one called, Marg, begins to bully Willowand the Bard. Here, Prince Adam also meets Bow, who helps him quickly defeat the three brutes.

Trivia (Clawful94): The Laughing Swan Inn production art is reused for the Devlan Inn and the Brightmoon Inn.

POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

POP Mini-Comic Appearances:

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