Netossa - Captivating Beauty
Real Name: Vivian Redretta

Hailing from the far reaches of Etheria, beyond the reach of the Horde, Vivian became an expert marksman, perfecting the art of net tossing to capture enemies and vandals. She is able to fool her adversaries by pretending not to notice that an evildoer is nearby. But if they get too close, she pulls back her cape's hidden drawstrings and the surprised culprit is captured inside of the net! After learning of Hordak's oppression, her only desire became to free Etheria and its people from their evil stronghold. With her exotic accent and elegant fashions, Netossa can be so helpful in wrapping up trouble! When Netossa came to Brightmoon, she was one of the chief trappers guarding the kingdom from Trolls and Harpies. When the Horde attacked, Netossa escaped their purge of all able-bodied warriors. To her surprise, a family of Trolls living close to Brightmoon helped her hide from the Horde hunters, repaying an act of mercy she had shown by freeing one of their own in her youth. She later found Glimmer's rebellion, and was a key advocate for accepting King Ahgo and his Trolls' offer to fight the Horde. She also convinced the sorceress Spinnerella, a childhood friend, to return to Mystacor and help She-Ra and the Rebellion to defeat Hordak. Her oldest rival is Entrapta, who had once been a petty thief imprisoned by Netossa. Although Netossa has always shown mercy ro her captives, even the Horde envies her captivating skills!

Her ability is different from the rest of The Rebellion as it appears to have no magical or mystical source. Her skill is shown to be the product of her own hard work and practise. She can skillfully throw nets that she keeps on her back. She is so accurate in her aim that she is able to capture a Horde Trooper by casting a net through the bars of her cell door. Her prime ability is one of the more realistic powers expressed in the series. No magical aid or mythical source allowed her to throw nets strapped to her back - that was all her own work, putting her on a par, skill-wise, with Bow. 

Cartoon appearances:

SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Blue Net/Cape, Silver Sword, Silver Shield w/ Blue Gem
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