Prince Zed

Prince Zed
Evil Nephew of Hordak

Real Name: Zed

Prince Zed a teenage, humanoid male, with pointy ears and brown hair. He is said to be the only son of the mysterious Horde Prime, who addresses Hordak as 'uncle'. This could suggest that Prime is Hordak's brother, but it is also possible that Zed only called him 'uncle' as a friendly term, or he is on Zed's mother's side. However a letter in this episode said "your nephew" stating that Hordak is his uncle but we don't know on which side. How Prince Zed is Horde Prime's son still remains to be seen.

During a battle Prince Zed is captured by the Great Rebellion, but they tend his injuries rather than capture him. At first, Prince Zed comes across as a spoiled brat. But when he sees the consequences of Hordak's latest plan to poison the Whispering Woods, he has a change of heart. Hordak, fearing Horde Prime's wrath, accepts Prince Zed's deal to return with him in exchange for removing the poison. Unfortunately Hordak doesn't intend to fulfill his part of the deal and is only stopped by the fact that Madame Razz added an antidote to his poisonous formula. Zed returns with the Horde, assuring his new friends that on the day he takes his father's throne, he will release Etheria and all other worlds from Horde control.


- Prince Zed is a Filmation-only character who appears in the She-Ra episode: "The Peril of Whispering Woods".

- Prince Zed's production model is later reused to create Romeo.


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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Horde World
SESSO : Male
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