Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk
Heroic Etherian Pirate

Real Name: Captain Jeoff Blithe

Quote: "Broil me in butter and call me a flounder, that was a close one"! 

Sea Hawk is an Etherian Pirate and commander of the crew of the "Solar Sailor", and later the "Solar Clipper. He is the son of the legendary pirate, the Sea Falcon. Armed with the "Photon Cutlass", the "Seven League Boots" and the "Impact Ring", Sea Hawk is a formidable opponent, he helps the Great Rebellion, from time-to-time.

History #1 (POP Fimation Cartoons):

In his first appearence, Sea Hawk and his crew, were aiding the Evil Horde
using the "Solar Sailor" as a "hired ship," transporting cargo for the Horde, until Adora convinced him to aid the rebellion, choosing freedom over wealth. Underneath all of this, it is established that Sea Hawk is a good man, who is extremely charming. There was something about him that made others love him, something that was particularly noticed by women, especially Adora.

Later, Sea Hawk is shipwrecked on a magical island, Sea Hawk found his long lost father, the Sea Falcon, who bestowed upon his son three armaments of mystical weapons, to aid him in his quest to overthrow the Horde Empire. Sea Hawk is now a magically armed hero fighting against the Evil Horde!

History #2 (MOTUC Bios):


Trivia (Clawful94): George DiCenzo voiced Sea Hawk in the Princess Of Power Filmation cartoons.

POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Special Appearances:

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Photon Cutless
  • Seven League Boots

  • Impact Ring
  • CORRELAZIONI : Solar Sailor
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