Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk – Heroic Etherian Pirate
Real Name: Captain Jeoff Blithe

Son of the legendary Captain Falcon, Sea Hawk is a commander of the Solar Sailor crew and a pirate without peer. His skills were developed due to the influence of his father, “The Falcon”. 


Sea Falcon, the Pirate, fell in love with the Queen of Panembria, Queen Simona and two were married. Soon after Jeoff Blithe was born. Soon after the birth, the Horde attacked the Kingdom Of Penembria and killed Queen Simona. Sea Falcon took his best ship, the Solar Cutter, and escaped the clutches of the Horde with baby Jeoffe. Sea Hawk's father was in indisputably good man with a kind heart who stole gold from the Horde to give to the poor, Sea Hawk grew up to be decidedly greedy and shameless. Twenty years before Sea Hawk joined The Rebellion, The Falcon disappeared without a trace, when Jeoff was very young. Reaching adulthood, Jeoffe was an arrogant fop, who took the name Sea Hawk. He never so much as considered the problems that others had. He assumed that he deserved what he had been given, that he was likely better than those who had not had the same opportunities. Although his father had instilled him with good morals, Sea Hawk ended up being a pirate, plundering the seas of Etheria. Later he and his crew aide the Evil Horde by delivering supplies, in his ship known as the Solar Sailor. He later reveals that he only helped The Horde for the sum of money they paid him. Underneath all of this, it is established that Sea Hawk is a good man, who is extremely charming. There was something about him that made others love him, something that was particularly noticed by women. He worked as a “hired ship,” transporting cargo for the Horde, until Adora convinced him to aid the rebellion and choose freedom over money. While shipwrecked on a magical island, Sea Hawk found his long lost father who bestowed upon his son an armament of mystical weapons to aid him in his quest to overthrow the Horde Empire. Sea Hawk is now a magically armed hero fighting against the Evil Horde!

Quote: "Broil me in butter and call me a flounder, that was a close one"!  

Commentary From Clawful94: George DiCenzo voiced Sea Hawk in the Princess Of Power Filmation cartoons.

POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Special Appearances:

SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Photon Cutless
  • Seven League Boots

  • Impact Ring
  • CORRELAZIONI : Solar Sailor
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