Evil Spark-Shooting Reptile

Real Name: Unknown

Saurod is a reptilian bounty hunter, who is an Evil Warrior, in the service of SkeletorSaurod's special power is to emit sparks out of his mouth and is described as an expert tracker. He wears a metal mask and helmet, his torso is also covered by dark gold armor. A marksman, armed with a laser gun and a set of retractable poisonous razor-sharp claws.

Origin #2 (1987 Live-Action Movie)

He is sent with Blade, Karg, and Beast Man to obtain the Cosmic Key from Earth. He is mute throughout his scenes and only expresses himself through hissing. His role in the film is fairly brief, as he is killed off early into the film after failing Skeletor in a mission to Earth. In the film, Saurod payed the price for the failure of the mercenary band, he is incinerated alive by a burning energy bolt from Skeletor's hand. In the comic, Saurod is not killed. He makes more appearences in the comic book series.

Trivia (Clawful94): He appeared in the Masters Of The Universe live action movie, portrayed by actor: Pons Mar. He also appeared in Mini Comics, Comics and Magazines.

MOTU Live-Action Movie Appearances:

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ALLEANZA : Evil Warriors
SPECIE : Cyborgs
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Parts Unknown
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Laser Blaster
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