Air Centurion Troopers

Air Centurion Troopers
Evil Robot Jet-Disk Enforcers
Real Name: Identified by numbers

Air Centurion Troopers are Skeletor's evil dark-armored robotic soldiers, that fly on jet disks. They have face shields, that cover and protect their robot faces. Like all Centurions, they act as disposable soldiers (Much like Horde Troopers) in the 1987 Live Action Movie. One of the Air Centurion Warriors, successfully lured He-Man into Skeletor's trap, allowing He-Man to be captured, while they were on planet Earth. Armed with Laser Rifles, these robot soldiers take the fight in a high-speed battle in the skies.


- All the various types of robot-like Centurions were created solely for the 1987 Live-Action Film, because the Studio and Mattel Toys with the the directive “He-Man cannot kill anyone” or “so long as it does not look like He-Man is killing PEOPLE, then he can blast away”. Gary Goddard stated in an interview, that left he it to the viewer’s discretion – robots or living beings under the armor. But during the movie, when He-Man used his Power Sword against the Centurions, they expelled sparks, leading the viewers to believe that the Centurions were actually robots. He-Man also used his Power Sword to cause one of the Air Centurion to explode.


MOTU Live-Action Movie Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Evil Warriors
SPECIE : Robots
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Snake Mountain
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Laser Rifle, Jet Disk
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