Sword Of Power

Sometimes also referred to as the Power Sword and the Sword of Grayskull. It is said that this is the most powerful sword in the universe, as it allows Adam to channel the very power that created the universe within castle grayskull to become He-Man. The sword can deflect any rays or blasts of magical or technological origin. It is for lack of a better word indestructible. 


Origin #1 (Early Mini-Comics & Other Early Publications)

It orginally started out as a mystical object in the early stories, in which Skeletor tries to obtain both halves and put them together in order to gain the ultmate power in the universe. He-Man holds one half and Skeletor holds the other.

Origin #2 (Filmation)

He-Man's role in the "Filmation Cartoon", doesn't use the concept of him using his other regular weapons; such as an axe and a shield. With the arrival of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series, the Power Sword became the means by which Prince Adam transforms into He-Man. There is no evidence of the Power Sword being sliced in this version of the story. The weapon kept the same basic shape during most of the 1980s. 

Origin #3 (200X MYP Cartoons, 200X Comics and Classics Bios)

The formation of the Sword Of Power, and it's sister sword, the Sword Of Protection was after the death of He-Ro. The Staff Of Wisdom was melted down to form the two swords. The Sword Of Power was used by King Grayskull in his battle against Hordak to stop him from completing the Spell Of Separation. When Grayskull died, he infused his power into this sword. Later, a few other would use the Sword Of Power, lik
e Wun-Dar and possibly Oo-Larr, before it fell into the hands of Prince Adam.

Trivia: The Sword Of Power was radically redesigned three times: for The New Adventures of He-Man, the 2002 remake of the Masters of the Universe and in the live-action movie.


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