Central Tower

Central Tower

The Central Tower is the largest of the three towers. The central tower has 5 floors - the base or foundation, two mid-levels, and a top level parapet. The base of the central tower features a moat, drawbridge, and guard lion. The lion's arms move together to capture approaching enemies. The jaw of the lion can be closed from inside the tower. Closing the jaw allows the drawbridge to drop down in between the lion's arms and across the moat, thereby letting a people enter the tower. There are two gold gargoyles that sit in front of the drawbridge. The lower mid-level of the central tower has a computer console mounted on the wall. A command console seat, suspended from the ceiling, allows a person to sit at the computer. The upper mid-level has a slot that the top of the command console seat fits through. The top level of the central tower has space for the red and gray laser blaster cannon. There are 3 gold flag holders that fit the 3 flags. Each level of the central tower can be reached by an elevator.


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
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