Warrior Goddess
Real Name: Teela
Aliases: Captain Teela, Queen Teela, Sorceress Teela

Teela is the extremely strong willed independent Captain of the Guard. Respected by everyone in the Royal Palace, she has been raised with dignity by her adopted father Man–At-Arms, under the guidance of her mother the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. If Teela is in distress the Sorceress will call out to her daughter, never revealing herself but giving her enough comfort that she can feel her mother watching over her. Teela’s power lies in her incredible skills as a warrior, excelling in both hand-to-hand combat and gymnastics. Teela is also very skillful at reading ancient writing and inscriptions. Teela's Staff Of Ka gives her some telepathic ability and allows her to communicate with a few wild creatures. It also has an untapped magical powers.

Despite her excellent fighting skills and generally being sensible and level-headed, Teela has a reckless streak like that of a wild tomboy, a far cry from her mother's soft-spoken temperament. Teela's recklessness and quick temper in situations that she does not agree with often lead to poor judgment, which results in dangerous situations.
Teela often disobeys Man-At-Arms and constantly declares her independence and ability to accomplish almost anything. Her father is almost always right, however, and teaches Teela a great deal of wisdom. Man-At-Arms is especially helpful giving advice when Teela has a problem with Prince Adam. Unaware of Adam's dual-identity and duties that go with it, Teela often reprimands him for being lazy, cowardly and not attentive to his training. Teela hopes that Adam will one day achieve the same kind of heroism that He-Man achieves repeatedly. Ironically, Teela admires He-Man’s nobility and courage.


Filmation Continuity:

Teela is not Man-At-Arms' biological daughter. When Teela was an infant her mother, the Sorceress of Grayskull, gave her to Man-At-Arms who raised her as his own daughter.

Later, Teela discovers the truth about her mother from Eternia's Oracle of the Crystal Sea, but an emotionally distraught Sorceress erases the revelation from Teela's memory for her own protection, even though the Sorceress desperately wishes she could tell Teela the truth. Teela's biological father is never revealed; Man-At-Arms says he was one of Eternia's greatest men. It is stated that he died in the war, protecting Eternia. Teela served as the "Captain Of The Royal Guard" as well as a Heroic Warrior. She was a part of many of the adventures of He-Man, in his battles against Skeletor.

Jetlag Continuity:


MYP 200X Continuity:

Teela is the adoptive daughter of Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, Teela grew up in the Royal Palace of Eternia. She was trained from an early age in the ways of battle. She became the Captain of the Guard, leading Randor’s troops and woking as a member of the Masters of the Universe.


Vintage Mini-Comic Continuity:

Teela's true heritage is the magically cloned daughter of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

DC Comic Continuity:


Marvel Comic Continuity:



UK Magazine Continuity:



Golden Books Continuity:


Ladybird Books Continuity:


World I.P. Annual Books Continuity:


1987 Live-Action Movie:


Masters Of The Universe Classics:

The adoptive daughter of Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, Teela grew up in the palace of King Randor. Trained from an early age in the ways of battle, at 18 she became Captain of the Guard, leading Randor’s troops and acting as a defecto member of the Masters of the Universe. She has yet to become aware of her true heritage as the magically cloned daughter, and heir to, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. She carries the staff of Ka which was once used by the Snake Men in their epic battles against the Horde and King Grayskull during the Great Wars. Teela uses her magical staff to track her foes every move.

After being wounded by King Hssss' venom, the Sorceress of Grayskull knew her time was short. She quickly arranged a mission with Teela to the Elder's training citadel in the Polar Ice Cap. Here, the Sorceress revealed Teela's true heritage, that she was secretly her magically clonded daughter and destined to become the next guardian of the Castle Grayskull and its secrets! Although in a state of disbelief, Teela knew in her heart that her mother spoke the truth, and trained with the Sorceress until the venom overtook her. Returning to Grayskull as the new guardian, Teela uses her new magic to protect the Power of Grayskull and guard the safety of all Eternians.


- There are hints in the 200X Series, in both the episode "Out of the Past" as well as the unproduced 3rd season episode guide, available the series DVD, that Man-At-Arms is actually her biological father as well. However, it would have eventually been revealed that Duncan's brother, Fisto, was the wounded soldier.

- The figure of the warrior-goddess confused many collectors, as without the accompanying cobra armor it looks like the regular Teela, but when wearing the armor it resembles a revised version of the original green-skinned Sorceress called The Goddess (who would soon more commonly become known as the Sorceress of Grayskull). Nevertheless, the resemblance is not perfect, since the Goddess clearly does not wear a headband underneath the armor.

- Teela was voiced by Linda Gary in the Filmation cartoons and by Lisa Ann Beley in the 200X series. Cathy Weseluck voiced Teela in the New Adventures Of He-Man series. Teela was portrayed by actress Chelsea Field in the 1987 live action movie.


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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Royal Palace Of Eternos
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Staff Of Ka
Teela's Sword
Teela's Shield
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