MAN-E-Faces - Heroic Master Of Many Faces 
Real Name: Perkaedo

Man-E-Faces is a member of the Heroic Warriors, notable by his distinctive appearance, with his large, blue metal head on which his faces appear in its screen-like opening that contains a rotating faceplate, which allows him to transform into his multiple personalities. His “traditional” human face is his most common form. However, he can transform to a robotic faceplate, which grants him laser scanning and computer precise calculating. He can also transform into a monster faceplate, which causes his strength to increase dramatically. Like his faceplate, Man-E-Faces engages in combat using a variety of weapons that best suit his current face. He uses his laser targeting to maximum advantage with his robotic faceplate and uses a destructive club to capitalize on his monster strength. Choosing between his three faces, Man-E-Faces finds the right personality for the right moment. Man-E-Faces is also a very talented game player who enjoys games of strategy. Man-E-Faces is best known as a great actor. But many learn the hard way to underestimate Man-E-Face's abilities in combat. The famous Eternian actor, Man-E-Faces would make Shakespeare proud. But make no mistake, he also plays the part of a skilled fighter and warrior when the need arises.


Origin #1 (Mini-Comic and German Audio Play)

Perkaedo had always loved the theater from a very young age. He raised by his aunt, Countess Betsey. Somewhere after he has a daughter named Kerstin (German Audio Play: 
Episode15 "Die lachende Brücke") When Man-E-Faces goes to Eternos for an appearence. he is captured and forced to drink a potion that changes him into a vicious monster, who attacks everyone it sees. The Sorceress involves herself and changes Man-E-Faces back to his human self, but Keldor asserts his dominance and turns him back into the monster. The struggle creates a third persona, a super-intelligent robot which is neither good nor evil. Although the Sorceress manages to free Man-E-Faces from Keldor's spell, the robot and monster are now permanently part of his character, changing from one to the other, as he desires. He vows to fight until he is free from the curse. 

Origin #2 (Filmation)

Trapped in his beast form, Man-E-Faces became an outcast feared by virtually everyone. He terrorized the small Widgets and took over as their king. Beast-Man began to use his power to control Man-E-Faces, since he was stuck in the beast mode. He used Man-E-Faces to do evil deeds, until the Sorceress unstuck him. Being unstuck, Man-E-Faces develops the ability of using his different faces for different techniques useful in battle. His monster face provides him with extra courage and strength, while his robot face provides him with extra intelligence and the ability to scan people and objects for important data. He is frequently referred to as 'Man-E-Robot' or 'Man-E-Monster' when using these faces. Grateful that the Sorceress helped him, he joined the Captain Randor and the Masters Of The Universe. Later, is an instramental member of the Masters, fallowing the birth of He-Man. He also fought in the Second Ultimate Battleground.


  • Countess Betsy (Aunt) - Mentioned in MYP Cartoon
  • Kerstin (Daughter) - Appeared in the German Audio Plays


Man-E-Faces' bio is a combination of the Filmation Cartoon, German Audio Plays, Comic Books and 200X Cartoons. Man-E-Faces is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the Filmation Cartoon. Paul Dobson voiced Man-E-Faces in the 200X Cartoons. Kerstin was his daughter in the German Audio Plays. In the 200X, Man-E-Faces was already a member of the Masters, when He-Man was born.

Cartoon Appearances: MOTU (Filmation)

Cartoon Appearances: MOTU (Filmation Movie)

Cartoon Appearances: MOTU (MYP)



ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Cyborgs
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : City Of Pantagus
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Laser Blaster
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