King Grayskull

King Grayskull
Heroic Ancestor Of He-Man

Real Name: D'Vann Grayskull

King Grayskull was the ancestor of He-Man and She-Ra, who fought in the First Ultimate Battleground, during the savage era of Preternia. King Grayskull was the first to weild the Sword Of Power. King Grayskull was married to Queen Veena, daughter of Lord Bryon Swann. During his rule as king, Grayskull was known for his courage, compassion, wisdom and strength. Like He-Man and Battle Cat, King Grayskull rode into battle upon his green lion, named Battle Lion.

Origin #1 (200X Cartoons):

Through his might, the Horde was banished from Eternia into Despondos. However, this was not without a price; the battle left Grayskull mortally wounded and dying. In his wife Veena's arms, he proclaimed that by his name, his decendants would have the power and honor to defeat evil. Upon taking his last breath, his body vanished in a flash of light, and merged his essence into the Power Sword, which then, on its own, lifted aloft and infused the Council of Elders with a portion of Grayskull's mighty power. Veena took the Sword into Castle Grayskull and vowed to keep it safe until she could no longer, and when that time came, she would find another to take her place.

Origin #2 (MOTUC Bios):

Long before Prince Adam held the Sword of Power to become He-Man, his ancestor, King Grayskull defended Eternia from evil. Heroically mastering the secret power of his sword, Grayskull fought side-by-side with the cosmic warrior He-Ro against both the evil Hordak and King Hssss. Although Grayskull eventually fell before Hordak’s magic, he was able to preserve his powers inside the sword, so that one day his descendants could reclaim the power and call upon Grayskull’s name whenever evil threatens the peace of Eternia. To this day, Grayskull’s spirit remains hidden away deep inside the castle which will forever bear his name.

Growing up under the oppressive rule of the Snake Men, D'Vann was driven to rebel against injustice when his brother was captured and eaten. Others flocked to Grayskull's banner and his legend began to grow. Declared King for his courage, compassion, wisdom and strength, Grayskull became a great leader ruling along with his council of wise Elders. A destined guardian of the Sword of He, Grayskull magically passed his essence into the blade with his last breath - ensuring that only his heirs would now wield it and tap into the great power it harmonized with. After his death, the sword was split in two and its power transcended into a great orb inside his castle, protected by Grayskulll's devoted and loving widow.

Origin #3 (DC 52 Comics)

Thousands of years ago, in the final moments of the Horde War, King Grayskull thrust his newly forged Sword of Power through the chest of the monstrous Hordak. In that moment, the skies of Eternia cracked open, and Hordak and his Evil Horde were dragged through a portal to the dark dimension of Despondos, beginning their banishment. Eternia rejoiced and at the seat of Grayskull's power, Castle Grayskull, a month of celebrating was planned. The Gar elders saw to the preparations, as the king had struck a bond of friendship in Adi, his trusted adviser. Similarly, Grayskull had come to look on his young Gar handmaiden Saryn as a daughter, and she had loved him back - even if her love necessitated that she save him from himself.

As the King led his people in a celebration of the Sword of Power that had brought them victory, Adi was preparing a coup with the help of an assassin called Gorto. Adi approached Saryn checking to see if she would play her part in his plan. She could not bear to betray the king, but it was only she who could get close enough to do as Adi commanded. He believed that the sword of power was corrupting the king, and he knew its power would lead the king or his heirs to bring Eternia to everlasting damnation.

After the feasting had continued late into the night, and the hour of quiet finally fell, Adi rang the great bell of the temple, signalling for Gorto to lead his men of the Gar in an attack on the people of Eternia. At this time, Saryn had paralyzed King Grayskull with poison. Tearfully, Saryn slit his throat with the knife that Adi given her.

Trivia (Clawful94): King Grayskull was voiced by Cam Clarke in the MYP Cartoons.

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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Castle Grayskull
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Sword Of Power
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