Evil Master Of Cold

Real Name:
Icleeel Of The Outer Stillia Clan 

A master of controlling cold weather, Icer has an eskimo-like appearance, with a furry hood, and has an ice-blue body which appears to actually be made of ice. His powers are to freeze any living being simply by touching them, as well as being able to melt himself into a water puddle in order to travel under closed doors and various surfaces. He can also camouflage himself into icy surroundings, and has power over ice and snow. His main weakness is that he is unable to withstand heat.


Filmation Cartoon Continuity: 

When Cadet Phillip is transfered to the weather station, he had to take the Ice Raider, which has the controls needed to bypass the protective screen surrounding the station.

Skeletor contacts Icer and tells him to be ready to infiltrate the weather station when Phillip arrives.

When Phillip arrives at the screen, he remembers to deactivate it at the last possible second, but forgets to reactivate it for a few moments. This gives Icer plenty of time to run across.

Phillip is assigned a freeze ray and ordered to check that all the entrances are properly sealed. However, he carelessly opens and closes one of the doors, allowing Icer to creep under the door in the form of melted ice-water. Phillip's freeze ray is useless against Icer, who trips him up with a sheet of ice and sends him sliding out into the polar wasteland.

When they arrive at the Weather Station, Teela and He-Man splits up to find a way inside the station, but Teela is flash-frozen by Icer and pulled inside.

Once Orko is able to enter the station, he looks in a manual for a way to fix the weather, but instead finds a warning that if the temperature becomes too cold there is a risk of awakening the caterchiller that lives beneath the station.

He-Man, Phillip, and Battle Cat find Teela and free her from the ice. As they continue to search for Icer, He-Man realizes Orko has been captured by the awakened caterchiller and puts it back to sleep.

The search for Icer and the weather station controls continues, and Phillip is frozen by Icer. He-Man uses his sword to find Icer embedded in a wall of ice. He leaves Orko in charge of subduing Icer and freeing Phillip. Orko mixes up his magic powders, however, and allows Icer to escape.

Later, Orko explains his mistake to He-Man and Teela; Phillip is surprised by his candor. He-Man begins using his sword to tap into Eternia's geological heat source while the others fight off Icer. Once He-Man succeeds in releasing more heat, Icer begins to melt and is forced to flee back to the Frozen North.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

Originally from the outskirts of Stillia in the Ice Mountains, Icer is a master of controlling cold weather. Skeletor recruited him after realizing a need for evil agents in the North and exploited him when Whiplash failed to obtain the Ice Raider from King Randor. Skeletor ordered his new frozen ally to take over the northern weather station and create cold weather all over Eternia, while he attempted to steal the Ice Raider himself. Icer has freezing powers and melts into water when he needs to get in or out of tight spots.


- Voiced by John Erwin in a cold, monotonous voice, which makes for an interesting contrast with his surprisingly witty and often humorous dialogue. He is thus a memorable character, appearing dark and menacing while simultaneously possessing an aura of wit and humor.

- Icer is notable as being one of the few warriors in the series to have been created by the writers of Filmation rather than based on one of Mattel's action figures upon which the show is based.


MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:



SPECIE : Magical
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Ice Mountains
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Ice Spear
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