Evil Beast Of A Thousand Bodies

Real Name: Galen Nycroft / Galen Nycroff

Modulok is a cunning two-headed scientist with multiple limbs. He is a multi-bodied monster who can reform himself into thousands of different shapes to confuse his enemies. The cold, calculating Modulok is quite possibly one of the most intelligent villains in the Masters Of The Universe mythos. He was once known as Galen Nycroft, a human who occasionally worked for Skeletor and was imprisoned in the Royal Prison for trying to take over Eternia with a mind-control device. He is credited to creating a robot version of himself named Multi-Bot. Modulok will often have his Robot Birdbat help him spy on the enemy or to obtain small objects.

Powers: Adaptive, Agility, Claws, Duplication, Gadgets, Intellect, Marksmanship, Shape Shifter.

Origin #1 (Vintage Mini-Comics): 

He is introduced as a former slave of Skeletor who escaped Skeletor's clutches and offers his services to the Evil Horde, knowing of Hordak's personal hatred of Skeletor. Together with Hordak, he proceeds to concoct a scheme involving his body parts being sent, one by one, to the Royal Palace of Eternia in separate cardboard boxes, labelled as presents to the members of the Heroic Warriors. Confused by the numerous body parts being delivered to the palace, Man-At-Arms suspects the forces of evil may be behind it and sends Prince Adam and Teela to Castle Grayskull with the body parts to ask The Sorceress about the creature. As they speak to The Sorceress, she informs them of the identity of Modulok, Modulok reforms himself and uses his shape-changing abilities to steal a forbidden weapon from the Castle. A battle then ensues involving a clash between He-Man, Skeletor and Hordak, in which Modulok showcases his shape-changing abilities, including his ability to split into two separate beings.

Origin #2 (Filmation):

"Mistaken Identity"

His story begins as a deranged human scientist called Galen Nycroft, imprisoned in the Royal dungeons for attempting to use his science to control all of Eternia with a mind ray. Appearing human other than his deformed, enlarged eye which resembles that of Modulok, Nycroft is unfazed by the prison guards' mockery of him and vows to escape and prove himself. He summons a bat-like aid to his side with a component needed to teleport his final invention to the prison cell. Teleporting the large machine to the cell, he steps inside, and an explosion comes from within. He steps out in the mutated form of Modulok, and uses his greatly bolstered strength to break free from the prison cell. He contacts Skeletor and offers him his services, but Skeletor rejects him describing him as a "wimp scientist" and vows to only accept Modulok into his evil crew once he has proven himself. Modulok sets out to prove himself by capturing He-Man. He fails in his scheme, as he is deceived into capturing a teenage boy who is trying to impress his girlfriend by pretending to be He-Man's secret identity.

"Happy Birthday Roboto"

Modulok captures the Heroic Warrior, Roboto and reprogrammed him, to carry out his own evil deeds. He proceeds to attempt a Frankenstein-like experiment on Man-At-Arms, intending to transfer his brain power into his second head so that he can possess Man-At-Arms' scientific knowledge for himself.

"Gateway To Trouble"

Modulok is eventually accepted into Skeletor's forces and he builds a device for Skeletor which can open a portal to Etheria to transport his whole army to the planet. However, Modulok is subjected to nothing but abuse and scrutiny by Skeletor, who disrespects his skills. Tired of the constant abuse, he chooses to escape from Skeletor to Etheria and pledge his services to Hordak instead. Hordak, himself a scientist, is more appreciative of Modulok's abilities and accepts his services, recruiting him as Horde scientist and using the machine in an attempt to invade Eternia. After the scheme fails, Hordak demotes Modulok to Horde cook. He eventually regains Hordak's approval in order to become Horde scientist again rather than Horde cook.

"Black Snow"

Modulok and his creation, Multi-Bot, leads an attack on Frosta's kingdom in order to stir up war between two tribes of the icy regions of Etheria and later invents a rocket that sends She-Ra back in time.

Origin #3 (Official Bio):

An evil scientist from the Tri-Solar system, Galen Nycroff was incarcerated in Prison Starr for scientific crimes against the galaxy. While awaiting execution, he constructed a device which allowed him to divide his body into pieces, with each part endowed with his own evil consciousness. Slipping out of prison in a series of crates, he was delivered to Horde World where he reassembled himself finding he could now mix and match his parts in a thousand different ways. His skills were observed by Horde leaders and Nycroff became chief technician for Commander Kur, traveling with him to Eternia on their quest to vanquish He-Ro. Nycroff was banished along with the rest of the in invading Horde army to Despondos, serving his leader with his evil inventions.

Trivia (Clawful94): Modulok was unique in form among the action figures. He is made up of 22 different pieces which can be locked together to form different shapes, in a Lego-like fashion. The character was conceived as a multi-bodied monster who can reform himself into thousands of different shapes to confuse his enemies.Shortly after his figure was released, Modulok appears on the toy line's accompanying cartoon series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Filmation. Although the Evil Horde are used as the main villains in the spin-off series She-Ra, rather than He-Man, Modulok is given the unique honor of making his debut on He-Man instead. He is introduced late in the show's second season. Several adjustments were made to Modulok's character by Filmation's writers and animators. Given Filmation's limited budget, Modulok would be a serious challenge for them to animate, given that his constant shape-changing would require the production of an exorbitant number of cel sheets for the character and therefore prove extremely costly. The decision was made, therefore, to simplify Modulok's design and give him one single shape to be used throughout the series. Although initially described in the scripts as appearing two-headed and multi-bodied like the toy, he appears in the cartoon with only one shape, his body appearing to be an organic whole rather than separate pieces locked together. He is also given only one head even though all of Mattel's promotional material depicts him with two (although his second head can briefly been seen in one episode). Possibly this may have been done to avoid confusion with Two-Bad, another two-headed character who debuted in the toy line and series at the same time. Another reason may have been for the purpose of making the character's design symmetrical, so that cel sheets could be flipped over without altering the character's appearance, used to cut both animation costs and production time. Modulok is voiced by Lou Scheimer.

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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Laser Rifle, Robot Birdbat
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