Shezar - Evil Dominator Of Light
Real Name: Shezar

Shezar, the Dominator of Light, is the princess of planet Antar, which was destroyed by a great war, so she seeks for a new planet to colonize. Her ship, the Black Pearl, can spread a toxic vapor and black sparks to capture her victims. Shezar can also turn into a more monstrous form named Bizmarck.Shezar kidnaps four women to perpetuate her almost extinct species. When she kidnaps the fourth woman at Lake Kroly, Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms find about this and are attacked by the Black Pearl, but Adam resists, turns into He-Man and follows the Black Pearl underwater until he is captured by the black sparks and meets Shezar inside the ship.Shezar plans to flood Eternia to make it inhabitable by her people, and she has allied with Skeletor to manage this, but Skeletor betrays her and steals the Polarizer, a sphere that Shezar uses to project images and control sea creatures. He-Man frees the four Eternian women and eventually retrieves the Polarizer, but Shezar re-takes it and leaves Eternia in the Black Pearl.

MOTU Editora Abril - Brazil Comic Appearances:

  • Issue:17 – O Mistério Submarino (The Mysterious Submarine)
  • Profile
    LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Antar
    SESSO : Female
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