Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw
Evil And Armed For Combat

Real Name: Kronis

Other Name: Kronis, Trojan

Trap Jaw is a member of the Evil Warriors, he is a cyborg with a mechanical, sharp-toothed jaw with a deadly bite, and a robotic arm onto which he can slot a wide range of different weapons. He also has a loop in his helmet, which he can use to slide down wires. Trap Jaw’s massive alloy jaw even allows him to bite through steel! However, to power his cybernetic devices, Trap Jaw likes to consume metal in massive bites! A thugish brute, who fallows Skeletor, but would turn on him in a dime, making him one of his most untrusted minions. Trap Jaw is credited to inventing Serpentoids and Giant Android Spiders, in the Filmation Series.

Origin #1 (Mattel Mini-Comics):

Trap Jaw was a psychotic criminal from another dimension, notably seen here with a green body instead of his regular blue, whom Skeletor accidentally brings back with him on a return journey from the alien dimension. Trap Jaw lands inside Castle Grayskull and manages to harness the castle's power, almost enabling him to defeat He-Man. He-Man and Skeletor make an unprecedented effort to combine their powers, joining each half of the Sword of Power, yet holding on together. After the power is swiped back, Skeletor takes the injured Trap Jaw with him as a new servant.

Origin #2 (Filmation):

Trap Jaw is introduced into the toy line's accompanying cartoon series by Filmation, in the show's pilot episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" in which Skeletor describes him as a 'wizard of weapons'. He goes on to become one of the most frequently used villains of the series, usually paired alongside Beast-Man. Trap Jaw's portrayal is significantly toned down from the psychotic mass murderer of the mini-comics to render him more suitable for a younger audience. He is therefore portrayed generally as bold but coarse, bumbling, and incompetent, one of the least intelligent of Skeletor's warriors, played mostly for laughs. However, he still has his moments in the spotlight, most notably in the episode "Double-Edged Sword", in which he goes after the mineral Eternium, Eternia's most powerful mineral which powers the Royal Kingdom, and eats it, giving him power equal to that of He-Man. He also occasionally shows mechanical expertise.

Origin #3 (Publications/German Audio Plays):

Trap Jaw was an evil criminal freed from the Prison Star by Skeletor to bolster his ranks. Somewhat impressed with the warrior's tracking and trap setting skills. Once desguised as a villain named Trojan in the German Audio Plays.

Origin #4 (MVCreations/200X MYP Cartoons):

When Kronis criticizes Skeletor, telling him that since he lost his face, has become irrational, unworthy to lead. Skeletor knocks Kronis out and orders Beast Man and Whiplash to throw him away from Snake Mountain, so he will learn that he cannot survive alone in the Dark hemisphere, that has become a chaos of feuding bandits after the rise of the Mystic Wall. Kronis is ambushed by bandits, but he defeats them and becomes their leader. Then thy go to an encampment and kill the general, after which Knonis tells the men to become his army. With time, Kronis' army has several successful raids, offering the defeated the option of joining such army or die. When the army is big enough, Kronis decides to attack Snake Mountain. At Snake Mountain, Tri-Klops informs Skeletor that his Doomseekers have confirmed the informs about Kronis' massive army, and they come to Snake Mountain. An enraged Skeletor shoots Tri-Klops with the Havoc Staff. Kronis' army battle Skeletor's creatures, while Kronis himself climbs the mountain to find Skeletor. They fight and Skeletor burns Kronis' face, which turns green. Skeletor then blows Kronis' right arm, but Kronis still fights until Skeletor breaks his jaw away with a punch. When Skeletor has Kronis at his mercy, Kronis reaches Skeletor's shoulder with his left hand. Skeletor notices Kronis is begging for his life, so he decides that is impressed with everything Kronis has managed during his exile and spares his life. Tri-Klops arrives to tell Skeletor that Kronis' army has been defeated. Skeletor goes to deal with the survivors, while he orders Tri-Klops to repair Kronis. Tri-Klops re-built Kronis with cybernetic parts. They were able to fashion himself a false arm that he could use inter-changeable weapons. Evil-Lynn helped by providing a magic spell that would give Kronis control of this false arm as easily as he controlled his real one. Then they turned one of Kronis's traps into a jaw brace that gave him a terrifying look. Evil-Lyn magically fused Kronis's jaw and brace together so that they could never be removed.

Later, Evil-Lyn talks to the cybernetically repaired Kronis. She tells that she used to respect him, but now that he begged for his life after everything Skeletor did to him, he disgusts her. Evil-Lyn leaves and doesn't hear Kronis telling that he wasn't begging for his life; he was trying to strangle Skeletor. He will remain with Skeletor due to the old saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", and finally he decides his name will be Trap Jaw from now on.

Origin #5 (MOTUC Bios):

, an insane criminal from the Dimension of Infinita, and his partner, Scychor (Cy-Chop) roamed the galaxy as mercenaries and professional thieves. Eventually Kronis betrayed his friend, throwing Scychor from a Boa Jet while escaping from Horde Patrol Units. Falling hundreds of feet to the surface of a small moon, Scychor was found and healed by rogue scientists by preserving his organs in a robotic chest and his brain in a cyborg skull. After serving the scientists for twenty years, he became a freelance bounty hunter, while Trap Jaw was captured and put in the Prison Star. Kronis was one of several evil warriors freed from an intergalactic prison by Keldor to holster his ranks during the start of the Great Unrest. After serving Keldor for years, Kronis grew ambitious and raised an army of his own to challenge his master. Now a powerful Overlord of Evil, Skeletor defeated Kronis breaking his jaw and arm and leaving him for dead. Found and rebuilt by Tri-Klops, Kronis was transformed by him into Trap Jaw, a man armed with combat weapons and an “iron jaw!”

Origin #6 (DC 52 Comics):

Kronis was villain who is injured severly, when a plan went wrong, because he was betrayed by a Eternos Royal Guardsmen named Nolar Blak. Nolar Blak was one of the three Eternos Royal Guardsmen who agreed to help Kronis steel a gem, the Eye Of Chaos, that would power his Ion Cannon, that he invented. During the mission in Chrono, it was revealed that Nolar Blak went back on his word, when He-Man arrives instead of Nolar. Kronis is injured when He-Man throws a damaged laser blaster at the escaping Kronis. The laser blaster explodes and severly injues Kronis. Kronis escapes to his hideout where he is converted into Trap Jaw by Nano-Mites. He swears revenge on Nolar Blak. Trap Jaw goes to Snake Mountain and strikes a deal with Skeletor to get revenge on Nolar Blak.


Trap Jaw has various weapons at his disposal. He is able to attach these to his mechanical arm. A list of weapons follows:

  • Claw - Weapon that clamps shut like a steel trap.
  • Dropper - This attachment is more a tool than a weapon, and is used in the same manner as a winch to lower Mer-Man over the edge of a cliff.
  • Elongated Laser - This is another variation on Trap Jaw's laser guns.
  • Energy Bow - This is a one-off alternate to the Lasertron, which fires a laser out of the center of the bow.
  • Fire Extinguisher - This is used in conjunction with the Flamethrower in case the fire got out of hand.
  • Flamethrower - This weapon is used in the Cave of Winds. Projects fire at his enemies.
  • Freeze Ray - This attachment is actually a freeze ray, it appears as a big cannon on Trap Jaw's arm. 
  • Grabber - Telescopes and possesses claws, which enable Trap Jaw to grab things from far away.
  • Hook - The hook is the weapon used most of the time.
  • Lasertron - This weapon appears as a gun and is used in various ways, a freeze ray, a shrink ray, or just a regular laser gun.
  • Miniature Laser - This is shown as being the hook attachment but with the hook missing.
  • Pile-Driver - Acts as a mechanical battering ram.
  • Rocket Booster - The rocket appears as the same attachment as the Freeze Ray, but is used to enable Trap Jaw to fly.
  • Swatter - This device is never shown being used and only appeared for a short time during one episode.
  • Sword Blade - This weapon only appears at the end of one episode and is never seen being used.

Trivia (Clawful94): After the initial seven figures of the Masters of the Universe line, Trap Jaw was one of the first characters to be added to the line. According to the line's creator Roger Sweet he was inspired by the character Jaws from the film Moonraker, although many also speculate his design stems from the character of Iron Jaw from Mattel's earlier toy line Big Jim, to whom Trap Jaw bears more than a passing resemblance. Trap Jaw was voiced by Lou Scheimer in the Filmation Cartoons and Paul Doson voiced him in the MYP 200X Cartoons. 

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SPECIE : Cyborgs
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Dimension: Infinitia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Inter-Changeable Arms
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