Fright Zone (Etheria)

The Fright Zone – a dual term, it refers to both the sinister tower keep where Hordak resides, and the surrounding land area. One thing characterizes the Fright Zone - it's scary! The tower itself is a massive edifice of dark stone with eerie asymmetrical looks. Inside, there are pictures whose eyes follow people down the hall, spiders and snakes scuttling and slithering around the corridors, chains rattling, mysterious screams, ghostly apparitions, fluttering bats - in short, the tower is like a massive haunted mansion. The tower is surrounded by a huge moat in which dwell the most horrid underwater creatures imaginable.

The terrain of Fright Zone is swampy, boggy, fully as horrid as the tower itself. Monsters roam freely, there are dire plants and natural perils, it is ugly in the extreme. Most people would think twice before braving the Zone.

While Fright Zone in essence is a kingdom unto itself, it is also bordered and buffered by three evil Kingdoms: DARKEDGE, CRIMSON WASTE, and SKULLPATH. These kingdoms are all ruled by evil Etherians who collaborate wholeheartedly with the Horde.


ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
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