Adora (Princess Adora)

Adora (Princess Adora)
Heroic Leader Of The Great Rebellion

Real Name: Adora, Of the House Of Randor

Adora is the twin sister of Prince Adam and the alter ego of She-Ra. Always guiding her fellow rebels with a kind, understanding, but firm leadership, Adora has continually proven herself to be an effective leader. She lives by the rules of common sense, and she will never put lives in danger if she can avoid it. Unlike her brother Adam, Adora operates with a take-charge personality. She is certainly the strength of the Great Rebellion, and she proves to be as competent as She-Ra. Because of her infamous defection from the Horde, Hordak is often obsessed with capturing Adora. Of her rebel friends, Adora is closest to Madame Razz, who serves as a confidant. Bow obviously wants a romantic relationship with Adora, but she seems resistant, as she has a semi-relationship with Sea Hawk. Adora's level-headedness can usually get her out of any bad situation. She is a strong-willed, determined woman with a passion for freedom.

History #1 (Filmation, Book & Vintage Comics):

Born on the planet of Eternia, years ago, as the daughter of King Randor and Queen Marlena, Adora was ready for a life of promise. She and her twin brother Adam, with whom to experience life, but her opportunities were cut short, 
as a baby, when the ruthless Hordak kidnapped her and was taken through a portal back to Etheria.

Adora was raised unkowing of her past and destiny. Adora was raised with the Fright Zone, mostly under the watchful eye of Shakra, who taught her values and principles that would be the foundation of her career as a rebel leader. Hordak on the other hand, trained Adora to be Force Captain of the Evil Horde. Any doubts Adora might have about her surroundings, were constantly removed by the magic spells of Shadow Weaver, who assumed a motherly roll with Adora.

Adora spent most of her young adult life in the Fright Zone training for combat. She was appointed Force Captain, when Adora dawned a mask and became Despara, a merciless Horde killer, under a mind control spell of Shadow Weaver. 

However, a mysterious warrior known as He-Man came to Etheria through the instructions of the Sorceress to find the wielder of the Sword of Protection. He-Man allied himself with the Great Rebellion and caused trouble in the
Village Of Thaymor. Adora was given a mission to seek out and arrest them for their 'evil' ways. It was then revealed to He-Man that she was the wielder of the sword of protection and had a hard time of convincing Adora of this revealtion through the evil magic of Shadow Weaver.    

However, Adora now fights as the leader of the Great Rebellion. Also, she now has the sword of protection to become She-Ra Princess of Power and the most powerful woman of the universe to repair the damages caused to Etheria at the hands of the Evil Horde

History #2 (DC Comics 2013 & Beyond)

- See Despera

Commentary From Clawful94: Adora was voiced by Melendy Britt in the Filmation Cartoons.


  • King Randor - Father
  • Queen Marlena - Mother
  • He-Man/Prince Adam - Brother
  • King Miro  - Grandfather
  • King Stefen - Uncle
  • Prince Goras - Cousin
  • Prince Michael - Cousin
  • Prince Jeremy - Cousin
  • Prince Dal - Cousin
  • Lady Edwina - Cousin
  • King Grayskull - Ancsestor 
  • King Tamask - Ancsestor 

POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

Filmation Movie And Special Cartoon Appearences:

SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Female
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