Snake Men

A hybrid of three cold-blooded alien races, the Snake Men were spliced together and bred by the Unnamed One to serve as loyal foot soldiers in his ever-growing army. Several battalions of Snake Men were assigned to the Viper Lord King Hiss and traveled to Eternia to plunder its hidden magic for their formless master. Unprepared for an attack by invading Horde armies, the Snake Army was driven into hibernation and eventually trapped in the Void by the warrior Zodak. Five millennia later, Hssss and his reptile army escaped their imprisonment and once again took up the fight to claim Eternia. Snake Men fight loyally in the armies King Hiss against the heroic Masters of the Universe.

Famous Members

King Hsss

King Hsss: Leader of the Snake Men, can shed his humanlike skin to become a mass of snakes from the waist up.


Rattlor: Possesses an extending neck, and rattling tail. He appears in the She-Ra: Princess of Poweranimated series as a member of the Evil Horde, and in the 2002 animatedseries, where he is presented as the head of the Snake Men army tryingto release their leader, King Hiss.

Tung Lashor

Tung Lashor: Possesses a super long extending tongue. He appears in the She-Ra: Princess of Poweranimated series as a member of the Evil Horde and in the 2002 animatedseries. The original He-Man cartoon had ceased production when hisfigure was released.

Kobra Kahn

Kobra Khan: His character pre-dates the introduction of the SnakeMen, formerly working solely for Skeletor, where he sprays a "hypnotic"mist. He appears in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universeanimated series as one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors, in which he spraysa sleeping gas, and on one occasion is shown to have stretchable arms,similar to the Sssqueeze character, subsequently as a 'go-between' inother material. He appears in the 2002 animated series, in which hesprays acid, and is more loyal to his fellow Snake Men.


Sssqueeze: Possesses super-long bendable arms. He only appears in the 2002 animated series.

Snake Face

Snake Face: Snakes extend from his face and shoulders to "petrify" opponents. He only appears in the 2002 animated series.

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