Butthead - Evil Head-Bashing Goon
Real Name: Unknown 

Another of Flogg’s Mutant goons, Butthead, commonly reffered to as 'BH', was not seen as part of the Mutant team when He-Man and Skeletor first arrived in the future, but later appeared trying to assassinate Mara during a session with the Galactic Council on Skeletor’s orders. BH is one of the most dim-witted of all the Mutants, but despite this he usually carries out his orders successfully, unlike the similarly stupid Slush Head.BH’s face is hidden by a mask and helmet, his true face never seen. His hard head and helmet allow him to physically butt his enemies and send them flying, delivering a powerful blow.

BH is usually paired with Quakke, who are often used as a duo of henchmen by Skeletor to help him carry out his plans while Flogg and the other Mutants remain on the Mothership. BH and Quakke do generally seem to be friends, with BH looking up to Quakke for his higher intelligence. Though BH has displayed a distrust of Skeletor, and on one occasion was convinced to mutiny against Flogg.

BH’s duties on the Mothership include running the docking bay, and looking after the terror treads and Terrorclaws stored down there. He once volunteered to be the Sheriff of Gorn City, claiming he was ‘just the guy’ for the job, but was ultimately denied the position by Flogg and Skeletor. Due his low intelligence, BH was also the subject of a device that increased the Mutants intelligence, though it turned out he and the others became a little too intelligent for their own good, and were eventually returned to their normal selves.

When Flogg organised the final invasion of Primus, he contacted BH, who was on Nordor, and ordered him to gather all Mutant forces from the skull face Moon, and bring them into battle. BH participated in the final battle, and later witnessed Flogg's surrender.

SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
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