Hydron (Galactic Guardian)

Corageous Leader
Real Name: Daniel Ripper Jr.

Hydron is the courageous leader of the Galactic Guardians from planet Primus, who is a master of underwater combat and an excellent pilot, in the battle against Skeletor and the Evil Mutants from Denebria. Well-known for leaving the Tri-Solar System with Lieutenant Flipshot and travelling back in time, to search the universe for He-Man, who they believe will be the hero to stop the Evil Mutants. Hailing from the City Of Serus, he can create a whirlpool for capturing mutant invaders in the Primian seas.

History #1 (Mini-Comics / Publications):

Hydron and Flipshot go to Eternia searching for He-Man, but Skeletor tricks them into thinking he is He-Man, and makes them siphon the power of Castle Grayskull into their ship, but Prince Adam arrives into the ship, becomes He-Man and reveals the truth to the Galactic Guardians. 

In another publication, it is revealed that he has a long-lost daughter named, Hydrianna.

History #2 (Jetlag Cartoons):

Much like the Mini-Comics, Hydron, who is the leader of the Galactic Guardians, teams up with Flipshot uses a time machine to go back in time to search for He-Man. Skeletor tricks them into believing that he is He-Man. When the real He-Man appears and reveals that he is the real He-Ma, Hydron and Flipshot decide to take both of them into the future, where Master Sebrian would descover the truth. According to the episode "The Siege of Serus", it is revealed that Hydron is the only member of his family who left the underwater city of Serus to join the service. This episode also reveals he has a sister named Aquata.

History #3 (MOTUC Bios)

Hydron is a space seacommander from the domed undersea city of Orca, situated not far fromTitus, a small island in the Guardian Sea on Primus. He was orderedby Darius to locate the legendary twin warriors prophesized to defeatthe Horde Empire. Arriving on Eternia shortly after Skeletor’svictory at the Second Ultimate Battleground. Hydron and hisLieutenant Icarius recruited not only He-Han and She-Ra, but severalof the members of the Masters of the Universe who were eager topursue Skeletor. Preferring the Triton Spear Gun, his weapon ofchoice is suitable for intergalactic as well as undersea fighting.

Trivia (Clawful94): In the Jetlag's "New Adventures Of He-Man", Hydron is voiced by Don Brown.

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SPECIE : Human
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Glass Domed Helmet
Back Pack

Hydron's Triton Spear Gun

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