Prince Jeremy

Prince Jeremy - Heroic Prince Of Dyperia
Real Name: Jeremy of the House of Stephen

The youngest son of King Stephen. Jeremy is Prince Adam`s, spoiled, sullen, know-it-all cousin, that has a natural talent for causing trouble. During his stay at the Royal Palace Of Eternos, he offended everyone he met, exuding arrogance and rudeness. Jeremy has a unique skill in that he is able to throw a boomerang with amazing accuracy.

As the youngest son of King Stephen, Prince Jeremy never learned the value of responsibility or empathy. Jeremy grew up neglected in the shadow of his older brother, Dal. While Stephen taught Dal the ways of leadership, Jeremy was left to be indulged by servants. Soon he found amusement in lies and petty thefts, feeling no need to respect the people around him. Although his cousin, Prince Adam, believed that he was not as bad as he seemed, few realized how far Jeremy had fallen from virtue. Only King Randor recognized the dangerous similarities between Jeremy and his own half-brother, Keldor and feared when Skeletor himself might observe Jeremy's burgeoning evil nature and use it against the entire Royal Family Of Eternia. Jeremy was only a baby when Adam first saw him, and the two did not meet again until about a decade later. At that time Jeremy was a sullen, obnoxious brat. However, his misadventure with Evil-Lyn and the Rock Softener taught him a lesson in humility.

Cartoon Appearances:

SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Kingdom Of Dyperia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Magneto Boomerang
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