Julie Winston's Parents

William Ellis Winston
Heroic Father Of Julie Winston
Real Name: William Ellis Winston

Catherine Mary Winston
Heroic Mother Of Julie Winston
Real Name: Catherine Mary Winston

On the day that William and Catherine Winston, were killed in a plane crash. Julie Winston had lied and told them she had to study, instead of going to the beach with her parents. In truth, she wanted to spend the day with her boyfriend, Kevin Corrigan. Her parents went on a day trip using William's private plane, resulting in the crash that killed them. Julie suffered from survivors guilt, she blamed herself for her parents deaths. She planned on moving away to New Jersey, to avoid the pain of no longer having them around.

When she and Kevin visited their gravestones at Laurelton Cemetery, they found the second Cosmic Key in a crater, which resulted in the various events that fallowed. Evil-Lyn used the disguise of Catherine Winston, to trick Julie into giving her the second Cosmic Key. At the end of the adventure, Gwildor sent Julie back to earth, on the day of her parents' death. She successfully prevented them from taking the plane, that would have killed them.

Trivia (Clawful94): Julie Winston's Parents were portrayed by Gwynne Gilford and Walter Scott. When Julie was at the cemetery, the two tombstones reveal the full names of her parents, in the movie. In the Marvel/Star Comics, the mother's name is Margaret.

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ALLEANZA : Neutral
SPECIE : Earthling
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Whittier, California
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