1982 MOTU Toy Line Canon:

Screeech was a vicious blue-and-purple barbarian bird who fought for Skeletor. He had a nasty temperament and missiles strapped to his body. The character was initially a natural counterpart to Zoar, but while Zoar's role expanded as the franchise evolved, Screeech has largely remained a simple bird and is relatively obscure in all Masters of the Universe canons.

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

The Filmation MOTU series portrayed Screeech as a roboticbird, with a large computer screen on its chest. Skeletor would store the bird at Snake Mountain untilrequired for combat. Its cries were so loud and painful thatthe heroes wore earmuffs to protect their hearing. Its internalcircuitry was susceptible to water damage from rain.

1983 Kid Stuff MOTU Records Canon:

In the Kid Stuff records, Screeech was depicted as an alterego for Evil-Lyn, who would use an incantation to transforminto the vulture Screeech. In this form, she would fly off onmissions for Skeletor.

1983 MOTU/POP Golden Books Canon:

Similar to the Kid Stuff records,Screeech was the alter ego of Evil-Lyn.However, here she was shown to hurlmagical assaults from her talons.

1984 MOTU/POP World Annual Books Canon:

Like in all canons, Screeech is a barbarian, battle bird, who is in the service of Skeletor. The bird wears armor, that is loaded with missiles. Screeech is similar to Zoar, but has purple and blue feathers.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

Named for his piercing cry, the feral bird known as Screeech was a vicious and solitary creature. Native to the Dimension of Evil, Screeech appeared on Eternia shortly after Skeletor summoned a gelatinous monster from that forsaken realm. Although the monster was later banished, Screeech remained at Snake Mountain. The falcon-like bird was drawn to Skeletor and obeyed only his commands, though it was tolerant of Evil-Lyn, who occasionally took on Screeech’s form to spy on the other Evil Warriors. Much to Skeletor‘s amusement, Beast Man could scarcely control Screeech. His attempts to tame the demoniac bird did not go well, though he managed to arm Screeech with an arsenal of missiles.

During a battle, one of these missiles malfunctioned, seriously injuring the creature. Tri-Klops saved Screeech by outfitting him with cybernetic parts and a laser eye. It is said that the barbarian bird fiercely hated Tri-Klops from then on. Eventually, Blade took an interest in Screeech and tried to train him. Although he was initially unsuccessful, Blade finally gained Screeech's trust after the sword-master belted Tri-Klops across the jaw during a heated argument.


- In the vintage toy line, the same model was also used in 1972 for the bald eagle from the Big Jim toy line; which explains the 1972 date on both Zoar and Screech.


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ALLEANZA : Evil Warriors
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Snake Mountain
SESSO : Male
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