Heroic Bird Woman
Real Name: Delora

Delora is an Avion Bird Woman who appeared both as Stratos' wife and also sister. There was no consistency in this character. She was also shown as a Human. Her hair ranged from Blond to Black, depending on the version.

History #1 (Mini-Comics,  Ladybird Books & German Audio Plays)

Delora is the wife of Stratos, whom he loves very dearly. When Skeletor decides totake revenge for the heroic warriors ruining his plans, he has Wyverns kidnap Delora, and says he will only release her should Stratos give himself up. Delora is rescued by He-Man, using Stratos' ring to find her, which is one of only 2 such rings on the planet, the second held by Delora herself, so that they can always find each other!

In the mini-comic, "The Siege Of Avion", she was portrayed as Stratos' Human wife, who was captured by ahe Ilkorts, a tribe of monsters who are the mortal enemies of the bird-people of Avion, launch an attack on the people. In spite of He-Man, Teela and Man-At-Arms' resistance, they capture Delora, Stratos' wife. Skeletor uses this confusion to steal the Emerald Staff, Avion's most precious artifact, which enables the people to fly. Without it, the people of Avion will lose this ability.He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Stratos form a rescue squad to free Delora and get the staff back. In Snake Mountain, the Ilkorts, Skeletor and several illusions await them. Skeletor uses his magic to make an army of clone Deloras. He-Man's Power Sword unravels the illusions and Delora is set free.

In the "German Audio Plays", Delora is also portrayed as Stratos' wife. But the story reveals that they have two children together.

History #2 (Filmation)

The Filmation cartoon created a different character with the same name to take the place of Delora, but she is Stratos' sister rather than his wife. This change was made because the show's producers did not feel their target audience of young boys would react well to love interests within the show.

Trivia (Clawful94): Delora's only appearance in the Filmation cartoons was in the episode "Reign of the Monster". However, the 200x version of Hawke is mostly this character with a name change instead of the traitorous Bird Woman from Betrayal of Stratos. Delora was voiced by Linda Gary in the Filmation cartoons. Delora never appeared in the 200X MYP Cartoons.

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ALLEANZA : Eternian Allies
SESSO : Female
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