Heroic Young Rock Warrior

Real Name: Rokkon

Rokkon is the younger, more excitable representative of the Geolonians. Stonedar, Granita and Rokkon are representatives of an entire race of people whose bodies are encased in shells of rock, who can transform themselves into the forms of meteors. When in meteor form they gain the power of flight as well as near-invincibility. The Rock People are known as the Comet Warriors.

History #1 (Filmation): 

Rokkon was one of the many Comet Warriors who were members of a brigade and scouting party, that escaped their home of Geolon, when their planet was overrun by the Galactic Horde. The large group was rocked by a light storm from Horde World and thrown across the universe to Etheria's small moon. Rokkon was part of a scouting group, along with her leader Stonedar, and Granita, that went to Etheria to look for a new home. When they arrived on Etheria, they are surrounded by the Evil Horde. The peaceful race refuses to fight, but are left with no other choice when Rokkon is captured by the Evil Horde. After Rokkon was freed, they initially feel that Etheria is too violent for their race, but realizes that they share a common bond with She-Ra and the Rebels desiring to live in peace by driving the Horde away, they summon the rest of the Comet Warriors from the small moon and choose to settle in a peaceful region of Etheria called the Lost Valley, within the middle of the Spikeheart Mountain Range. They ally themselves with the Great Rebellion, eager to defeat those who strove to enslave his people.

History #2 (Official Bio):

Rocked from his stationary orbit patrol by a light storm from Horde World, Rokkon was part of a brigade of Comet Warriors thrown across the universe. Arriving on Eternia along with his leader, Stonedar, Rokkon quickly allied with the Masters of the Universe, eager to defeat those who strove to enslave his people. Along with others of his race, Rokkon can transform into a mighty meterorite to roll into battle and surprise attackers. His rocky body can deflect laser blasts as he bursts forth to aid the heroic warriors in the heart of battle!

Trivia(Clawful94): Rokkon was one of the two Rock People made into action figures in both the MOTU Vintage and Classics. Rokkon was voiced by Lou Scheimer in the Filmation cartoons.

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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Geolon
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Cosmic Gun
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