He-Man - The Most Powerful Man In The Universe
Real Name: Adam, Of The House Of Randor

He-Man is the alter-ego of the 16 year old Prince Adam.

He-Man is characterized by his immeasurable strength. In the 2002, series, He-Man's greatest feat of strength was to throw King Hsss' tower from Felis Folia into Eternia's sun. He has also punched out giants with a simple punch to the face.

It is unknown if there is a limit to how long He-Man can remain He-Man before he reverts back to his original form of Adam. Although He-Man is the strongest being on Eternia, he is not invulnerable. He-Man is shown enduring the brunt of the Ram Stone of Zalesia, a ram-shaped gem whose mystic force can pierce any barrier or topple any obstruction. He survives, but reverts back to Adam in the process. He-Man also reverted back to Prince Adam when He-Man was struck by the Snake God, Serpos' tail and sent crashing into a mountain. This shows that even He-Man has a limit as to how much abuse he can endure before his superhuman strength and stamina are exhausted.

He-Man's primary weapon is his Power Sword, the same sword that once belonged to King Grayskull. The sword is apparently indestructible and channels the power of the Elders to transform Adam into He-Man and Cringer into Battlecat. Using the indestructible blade, He-Man is able to deflect mystical bolts of energy or technological energy blasts with a swing of his sword, often sending the blast right back at the attacker.

The Power of the Elders will prepare He-Man for particular adventures by transforming his standard costume into a new costume. To date, He-Man has received Ice Armor for mountain adventures and King Grayskull's Snake Armor, whenever he battles the Snake Men. He-Man does not seem to consciously choose how he will appear; the Elders of Eternia seem to know (or anticipate) what he is likely to encounter and prepare He-Man ahead of time.

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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Royal Palace Of Eternos
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Power Sword, Axe, Shield
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