Evil Lord of Destruction

Real Name: Keldor, Of The House Of Miro
Other Names: Prince Keldor, Captain Keldor, Keldor

"Welcome, He-Man. Are you here to pledge your loyalty to the new ruler of Eternia?"

Skeletor is the arch-enemy and main antagonist of He-Man. Tagged "The Evil Lord of Destruction", he is the greatest threat to present-day Eternia. Depicted as a muscular bluish humanoid with a purple hood over his yellowish bare-bone skull, Skeletor seeks to conquer Castle Grayskull so he can learn its ancient secrets, which would make him unstoppable and enable him to conquer and rule all of Eternia.

He is a cruel warlord, who rules the dark side of Eternia from Snake Mountain with an iron fist. Skeletor uses his ram-headed havoc staff (Havoc Staff) as his primary weapon of terror. Powerful blasts from the eyes of the ram skull can destroy and punish Skeletor`s enemies. He is also known to carry one half of the Sword of Power, that he wields with the skill of a hundred swordsmen.

Powers And Abilities: 

Skeletor possesses an array of mystic powers and is an extremely powerful sorcerer with control over a vast range of dark magical powers, such as the ability to teleport himself and others over vast distances, send telepathic commands to his minions, grow plants, hypnotism, illusions, reflection, freezing rays, open gateways between dimensions, etcetera.

In the early mini-comics, Skeletor sometimes possesses one half of the power sword. From this weapon he could also project magical energies. He also performed remote viewing via crystal ball. He has also shown himself to be a gifted swordsman. As a master of the occult arts, he is also privy to much secret knowledge about the universe.All versions portray Skeletor as being extremely cunning and intelligent.


Vintage Mini-Comic Continuity:

The very first minicomics, were actually more like storybooks, with a single image per page footed by prose, stated that Skeletor was originally an inhabitant of another dimension, populated with others of "his kind." During "The Great Wars," an ambiguous concept which is largely ignored in later continuities, a hole was opened in the dimensional wall and Skeletor was thrown from his world into Eternia. Significantly different from the lonelier and entirely self-serving Skeletor of later depictions, the villain's key motivation in this first story is to reopen the rift between his world and Eternia, thus allowing Skeletor's race to invade and conquer Eternia alongside him. This was the initially stated reason behind Skeletor's desire to obtain the powers of Castle Grayskull, not merely seeking power for its own sake as is generally the case in later depictions. However, as this first incarnation of the franchise's continuity was particularly short-lived, many questions about this version of Skeletor's origin are left unanswered.

He-Man Mini-Comic Continuity:


Marvel Comic Continuity:


DC Comic Continuity:


DC 52 Comic Continuity:



Fimation Cartoon Continuity:

Skeletor, the being who would become the greatest threat to modern day Eternia, is said to "Demon from another Dimension". Little is known of Skeletor's early years, but he eventually joined the Evil Horde, and became the favourite pupil of one of it's most important leaders, Hordak. Skeletor also tricked the guardian of the Golden discs of knowledge, Zanthor, into giving him the discs - the knowledge from Skeletor then used to build Snake Mountain, an enormous fortress which served as the headquarters for the Evil Horde as they began their attempt to conquer Eternia.

Jetlag Cartoon Continuity:

In this continuity, Skeletor possesses considerable scientific skill, and is shown to have skill in creating various machines and devices in the New Adventures animated series.

Skeletor from Jetlag's New Adventures of He-Man
As Skeletor appears in Jetlag's New Adventures of He-Man


Golden Books Continuity:


Ladybird Books Continuity:


World I.P. Annual Books Continuity:


Live-Action Movies:

1987 Live-Action Movie Continuity:

Skeletor has also displayed the ability to discharge energy from his own body, as is seen in the 1987 film where he casts lightning from his hands and in the original animated series where he projects energy from his fingertips.

200X Masters Of The Universe:

In the 2002 series, his innate powers seem much more limited; though his abilities, when in conjunction with his Havoc Staff (a long sceptre crowned with a ram's skull—sometimes depicted with an embedded crystal ball) seem nearly unmitigated in scope and highly potent in raw power. He can discharge bolts of mystic force from the head of the Staff, or use it as a focus for more powerful forms of magic such as the theft of dreams. He also shows him as a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

During the "Battle Of The Hall Of Wisdom", Keldor is mortally wounded in battle with Captain Randor, Keldor turned to his dark-arts master Hordak to save his life. A deal was made; if Hordak helped Keldor, he would open the portal and free him once more. Hordak used his powers and changed Keldor into Skeletor, Overlord of Evil! Skeletor refuses to keep the deal and destroys Horde Sanctuary. After Randor and the Defenders drove Keldor and Evil Warriors to Dark Side of Eternia; The Sorceress and Man-At-Arms created the Mystic Wall, that would keep all of the evil on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, ending the Great Unrest.

Trapped in the Dark Hemisphere by the Mystic Wall, Skeletor designed a machine that would smash it, but it needed the Korodite Crystal as a power source. When Mer-Man retrieved it, Skeletor destroyed the Mystic Wall, and returned to menacing Eternia. Keldor's sneak attack backfires horribly.

Skeletor is not concerned with Castle Grayskull right away, until a giant fish-monster heads toward it and the Eternian warriors led by Man-At-Arms and He-Man stop it, forcing Skeletor to ponder what could be in that ancient pile of stones worth dying for. At the time, the Heroic Warriors seem ready and willing to let Grayskull fall, and would likely have done so, if not for the urgings of Man-At-Arms, who had been swallowed whole by the monster. Skeletor sends his own Evil Warriors into a trap to get captured just to lull the Masters into a false sense of security. He even goes as far as replacing them with his 'Council of Evil'. Skeletor directly attacks Castle Grayskull with his Council of Evil: himself, Count Marzo, Evilseed, the three evil Giants and Webstor.

When King Hiss and the Snake Men are freed from the Void, Hiss imprisons Skeletor, having him devoured by a giant snake, but Skeletor escapes after the Masters defeat Hiss. Eventually, King Hiss revives Serpos, the Serpent God, who had been transformed into Snake Mountain by the Elders; Skeletor and his minions were inside the mountain at that time. Although Serpos is defeated and restored to its Snake Mountain form.

Skeletor (200X)
Skeletor as he appears in MYP's Masters of the Universe cartoon.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

Mortally wounded in battle with his half-brother Captain Randor, Keldor turned to his dark-arts master Hordak to save his life. Hordak merged Keldor with an extra-dimensional being Demo-Man from Despondos, Keldor was forever changed into Skeletor, Overlord of Evil! He gathered together many of Eternia’s greatest outcasts and evil warriors in his quest to gain entry into Castle Grayskull and obtain what he believes is the universe’s ultimate power source.

Skeletor becomes the ruler of Eternia following Randor's banishment, but his rule was cut short, however, when Skeletor's former master Hordak returned from Despondos with the help of Evil-Lyn. Hordak not only overthrew Skeletor, but drove the Snake Men into hibernation. Forced into a war on multiple fronts, Skeletor continued to lead his Evil Warriors into battle, often having to fight side-by-side with his former enemies - the now renegade Masters of the Universe.

Wounded by Hordak’s final buzz saw attack at the end of the Second Ultimate Battleground, the victorious Skeletor mended his body with a techno virus from Preternia. Having learned of the might of the Horde Empire, he abandoned Eternia in search of a grander prize - the entire Universe! Finding a Laser Gate at the far end of his own galaxy, he passed through it to the Tri-Solar System just above the planet Denebria. It was here he recruited the Horde’s Mutant Army in a plan to lead them in mutiny against the Empire. But Skeletor was followed by He-man, She-ra and many of the Master of the Universe who had themselves allied with the Galactic Protectors. Skeletor now fights a new intergalactic battle; to rule the universe and to destroy He-man once and for all!

In the midst of their final battle with Horde Prime, He-Man and Skeletor simultaneously grabbed the Vortex Key, transporting them to Trolla. Finding himself on a world turned upside down, He-Man allied himself with the remaining Defenders of Trollan while Skeletor took command of the Unnamed One's Revenge Squad, which was responsible for decimating much of the planet. Eventually, He-Man and Skeletor met on the Jaw Bridge of the great Temple of Power. Though both were enhanced by the Star Tree’s power and the Aura of the Gods, it was He-Man who became the ultimate victor, using the Sword of He to separate Keldor from Demo-man, seemingly ending the threat of Skeletor forever.

Years later, Keldor was resurrected by Evil-Lyn and his son Skeleteen using the Havoc Staff and a pool of Saryn's blood. This act of unnatural sorcery triggered the Reawakening, in which many heroes and villains returned from the afterlife. Feigning remorse for past misdeeds, Keldor convinced He-Man, Teela, and Eternia's heroic mages to help him restore Castle Grayskull, upon which he betrayed them all by trying to divert Grayskull's energies into his own body. Defeated by his old foe, Keldor used black magic to willingly transform himself back into Skeletor. 


- Battle Armor Skeletor: Skeletor wears a protective battle armor. He is seen wearing it in some UK comics by London Editions.

- Battle Armor Skeletor (200X): Skeletor dons a battle armor. In the episode "Of Machines and Men", a being called Sortech sends the battle armor to Skeletor. This is the 2003 Battle Armor Skeletor figure, and must not be confused with the 1983 Skeletor figure with the same name.

- Battle Blades Skeletor: Mostly the same as Disks of Doom Skeletor, except for lacking a helmet, which is replaced by a very small crown and some hair at the back of the head. Skeletor loses his helmet in the episode "The Tornadoes of Zil" and remains this way til the end of the New
Adventures series.

- Battle Sounds Skeletor: This figure was made as a "talking" Skeletor figure for the 2002 toyline. In the TV episode "Sky War", Skeletor transforms into his "Battle Sounds" version after eating Ambrosia, a miraculous food made by the Andreenids, Buzz-Off's people. As Battle Sounds Skeletor, he is stronger and more powerful.

- Disk of Doom Skeletor: The second "New Adventures" Skeletor version. This version first appears in the episode "Sword and Staff" and becomes the regular version of Skeletor for most of the series. This Skeletor version wears a skull-shaped chest armor and a white helmet. The figure came with a disk launcher, but in the series Skeletor continued using the Havoc Staff.

- Dragon Blaster Skeletor: Featured in the 1984 mini-comic "Skeletor's Dragon". In addition to Skeletor's powers depicted above, he has some energy-draining chains and is aided by a little dragon who can spray a sleeping mist from its mouth.

- Fire Armor Skeletor: XXX.

- Intergalactic Skeletor: The Skeletor figure featured in "The New Adventures of He-Man". In the mini-comics, Skeletor uses that costume after becoming a cyborg. In the TV version, he is only wearing a different costume than the "original".

- Laser Light Skeletor: XXX.

- Samurai Skeletor: With the power of the Legacy Stones, Skeletor transforms into his samurai version in the episode "The Mystery of Anwat Gar". This Skeletor wears samurai armor, is stronger and, fittingly, has samurai weapons.

- Terror Claws Skeletor: This version of Skeletor has claw gloves known as the terror claws. Strangely, Skeletor wears his "original" costume in all the minicomics which use the terror claws, including the Terror Claws Skeletor minicomic "The Terror Claws Strike!". In the only minicomic that shows him wearing the "terror claws" costume, "The Cosmic Key", he does not use the terror claws. (Vintage Mini-Comics)

In preparation for the Second Ultimate Battleground, Skeletor commissioned a new armor upgrade from his chief weapons master, Spikor. Arming himself with Terror Claws, Skeletor leapt into battle against the Snake Men, Horde Army and the Masters of the Universe. (MOTUC)


- He-Man/Prince Adam (Nephew; MOTUC)
- She-Ra/Princess Adora (Neice; MOTUC)
- King Miro (Father; MOTUC)
- King Randor (Half-Brother; MOTUC)
- Evil-Lyn (Wife; MOTUC)


- Alan Oppenheimer voiced Skeletor in the Filmation Cartoons. Frank Langella portrayed Skeletor on the live-action movie. Campbell Lane voiced Skeletor in the "New Adventures Of He-Man. Brian Dobson voiced Skeletor in the MYP cartoons.


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