City Of Avion

The mystic city of Avion is widely considered the most beautiful city in the Eternian Kingdom. The massive city of the birdmen called the Avionians is the center and hub of their mountainous kingdom. Built atop high peaks within the Mystic Mountains, Avion is accessible only by air, making it supremely defensible from assaults.In Avion society, the flyers are given the highest status. All statesmen and military leaders are Avions who have mastered the art of flight. There are parts of Avion society who dislike this form of discrimination, but their numbers are not large enough to cause any sort of societal shift.Avion is also home of Lord Stratos--one of the most respected warriors of the Avionian race and a valued Master of the Universe. It is his allegiance with King Miro and King Randor, that has made the Avionians such a trusted ally with Eternos.Stratos not withstanding, Avion is also home to a large military force of well-trained and well-equipped warriors that often rise to defend their homeland and give aid to neighboring regions. The barracks and armory of these warriors is one of the most impressive architechtural achievements of the Avionians.Avian military strategy focuses on aerial combat. Although not all Avians can fly, they can all glide with their wings. As a consequence, Avians have a preference for weapons that can be used when gliding. This led to the development of crossbows, which are an Avian soldier’s primary weapon. Ever conscious about being weighed down in flight, Avians also carry a small dagger with them, for close quarters combat.


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
CORRELAZIONI : Stratos, Hawk
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