Attractive & Ruthless Female Mutant

Real Name: Crita 

The only female Mutant serving in the Mutant space force under Flogg, Crita is a devious and deadly woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her evil aims. Crita has been described as one of Flogg’s ‘top lieutenants’. She controls audio visual communications on the Mothership, from her own station on the bridge, though it is when she is away from her station that she is deadliest. She is also the most human looking of the Mutants, despite her violet skin. Unlike her fellow Mutants, even Flogg, Crita possesses a far more devious mind and is by far the most intelligent of Flogg’s henchmen. Crita has many talents and powers unusual among the other Mutants, she possesses a scepter which can fire powerful energy blasts, a magical ring, and can also do a dead on imitation of another persons voice. While Crita is loyal to Flogg, she shares a special relationship with Skeletor

Origin #1 (Jetlag Cartoons)

After Skeletor arrives in the future, Crita is impressed with ‘genius’ of his plans, and despite his looking down on most of the other Mutants, Skeletor shows a respect and liking for Crita which she reciprocates. Skeletor and Crita often enjoy flirtatious or romantic behaviour towards one another, with Crita overjoyed whenever Skeletor pays her a compliment. Their encounters are sometimes disrupted by Flogg, who appears frustrated at what he refers to as their ‘gooey chit chat’.

At Skeletor’s suggestion, Crita later leaves the Mutant space force as the official Mutant consultant to the Gleanons on the planet Nekron. This was partly an attempt by the Mutants to gain control of the transium ore mines on the planet. After an initial clash with He-Man resulted in the foiling of her plans, Crita took up a permanent position on Nekron as an advisor to General Nifel, leader of the Gleanons. Crita used her Mutant training to convert the Gleanons, usually a space faring species, into a formidable army. She also grew more and more ambitious, desiring to set herself up as Queen of the Gleanons, something Nifel only tolerated because he needed the Mutants help against the Mites and their new allies. Crita was given new armor as a gift from the Gleanons, and made an enemy out of Mara, who was Crita’s opposite with the Mites.

Crita grew to despise Mara, and viewed her as her greatest enemy. When Flogg launched his final attack on Primus, he summoned Crita and the Gleanons, who arrived in force to assist the Mutants. Crita personally led the Gleanon assault on Primus, but the Mutants were ultimately defeated, and Flogg called a surrender. When an enraged Flogg turned on Skeletor and attempted to shoot him, Crita sprung into action and kicked the weapon from Flogg's hand, likely saving Skeletor's life. Skeletor then transported himself, He-Man, Mara and Crita to the ruins of the Oasis for a final battle. Crita engaged in battle with Mara, but ended up knocking down one of the pillars in the ruins - which was about to come crashing down upon her - but Mara saved her enemy, throwing her into Skeletor and knocking the two of them off a cliff and into a shuttlepod.

Crita and Skeletor were then sealed in the shuttle pod by He-Man's power sword, and cast into space. Without his staff Skeletor was unable to get out of the ship, but he promised Crita that they would not be trapped forever, and that he would return to destroy He-Man.

Trivia (Clawful94): Crita was voiced by Venus Terzo in the "New Adventures Of He-Man", Jetlag Cartoons. She was exclusively created just for the cartoon.

New Adventures Jetlag Cartoon Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Energy Whip
Energy-Blasting Scepter
Magic Ring
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