Hoove is a Mutant Warrior serving under Flogg. One of the more intelligent Mutants, Hoove showed a dedication to his work, and was usually successful in battle. He was one of the first Mutants to fight He-Man in battle, a battle which he and his fellow Mutants lost.

Hoove’s main power is that he can deliver powerful punches and kicks.He possesses considerable strength, able to tear a tree up from the ground and swing it around while fighting Flipshot in battle. He is also an excellent pilot, after taking out the Titus Observatory on Primus during an attack, a pleased Flogg remarked - ‘That’s my Hoove’. When an enormously powerful ship began attacking The Mothership, it was Hoove who lead the Mutant fighters into battle against it. 

Hoove is often teamed up with Karatti, the two of them making a deadly duo. Skeletor also showed respect for Hoove, choosing him for important missions, one of which was to trap He-Man during the Mutant occupation of Primus. 

Hoove later received a weapons upgrade from the Blacksmith of Crelus, which meant he could now increase the size of his feet and fists,giving him even more powerful punches and kicks in battle. Despite initial difficulties working his new power, he soon became accustomed to it, and had to use his new skills against the Galactic Guardians in 'the Games'. 

After being defeated in the Games, Hoove and the other Mutants withdrew from the planet. It was at this point that Flogg decided to launch an all out attack on Primus, as the Guardians had been taken prisoner following the Games. Hoove participated in the final battle,and witnessed Flogg's ultimate defeat and surrender.


ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
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