Towering Space Mutant Tracker

Real Name: Unknown

The Towering, blue-skinned, Mutant Tracker known as Staghorn, hailed from the deepest, darkest part of the frozen Fog Zone on the evil planet Denebria. Serving Flogg as one his Mutant henchmen, Staghorn is an aggressive Mutant warrior, with a fearsome appearance; one of his eyes is permanently closed. His dreaded helmet of metal spikes and heat-seeking eye enable him to charge through the Fog Zone's dense, ice clouds, taking out anything that dares to stand in his path. He also uses these spikes to pick up and throw his enemies in battle. Staghorn removes his helmet, only when he is on duty aboard the Mutant Mothership.

Staghorn is perhaps the most unstable of the Mutants, his hot headed nature and rivalry with Sagitar have endangered the Mutants carefully laid plans more than once.


New Adventures Of He-Man Jetlag Cartoons

Before He-Man and Skeletor arrived in the future, Staghorn raided and plundered the planet of Equinos By doing this, Staghorn made a powerful enemy of the future Galactic Guardian, Sagitar. Although Staghorn apparently emerged victorious, on that occasion, he and Sagitar continued to harbour a grudge against one another.

Staghorn makes his first appearance in the main chamber of the Galactic Council, on the planet Enos. Skeletor and the Space Mutants were meeting with the Galactic Council, to discuss the possibility of peace, between the Primans and the Space Mutants.

Next, we see Staghorn with his Mutant allies, disguised as rodeo workers, for the Intergalactic Rodeo. Skeletor's plan was to use the disguised Mutants to trap He-Man. When Staghorn encountered his old enemy, Sagitar, he dropped his disguise, to fight his old enemy. This act forced Skeletor to prematurely launch his plans, revealing the presence of the Space Mutants.

When the Mutant Mothership was caught in a great storm in outer-space, Staghorn took advantage of the tense situation, aboard the ship, and to spearhead a mutiny against Flogg. As the new leader, Staghorn managed to recruit Quakke, Butthead and Optikk to join his cause. Ultimately, the mutiny ended, when the Space Mutants were forced to put their differences aside to save themselves.

Staghorn’s rivalry with Sagitar ultimately came to a head, when the Space Mutants launched a full scale invasion on the planet of Equinos, allowing them to briefly occupy the planet. Skeletor and the Space Mutants concocted a plan to lure He-Man and the Galactic Guardians into a trap. The native inhabitants joined He-Man and the Galactic Guardians, in driving back the Space Mutants. During this conflict, Staghorn would confront his old enemy, Sagitar, once more. The fight ended when Sagitar overpowered Staghorn, hurling him from the top of a cliff and into a river. Realizing that he had lost, Stagorn violently screamed with rage, as the Space Mutants were driven from the planet.


- Staghorn was voiced by Ted Cole, in Jetlag's "New Adventures of He-Man".


New Adventures Jetlag Cartoon Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
SPECIE : Mutants
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Armor/Battle Antlers, Axe Blaster.
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