Quakke - Evil Ground-Smashing Mutant
Real Name: Unknown

Another of Flogg’s Mutant henchmen, Quakke was not present when He-Man and Skeletor first arrived in the future, but appeared soon after to deliver Skeletor’s new pet, Grr. Having introduced Skeletor to the ferocious little creature, Quakke assumed like the others Skeletor would be unable to control it, but was soon proven wrong. That same day, Quakke helped Skeletor track down Grr after he went missing, and the two stumbled upon a hidden crystal chamber, and Skeletor, wishing to test the crystals power, used Quakke as a test subject. Quakke was transformed into a far more powerful version of himself, but equally lost most of his personality. After being sent to attack the Galactic Guardians on Denebria, Quakke reverted back to his normal self.

While by no means a genius, Quakke is more intelligent than some of the other Mutants. In battle Quakke uses a large Mace which he slams into the ground to cause powerful earthquakes, with effects ranging from knocking an opponent over to splitting apart the ground itself.

Quakke is usually paired with BH, as the two seem to get on well and form an effective duo in battle. They are most often used by Skeletor to carry out his dirty work when he is away from the Mothership. Quakke has also worked with Skeletor on his own. He has a respect for both Flogg and Skeletor, and is often looking to grow more powerful within the Mutant ranks, once joining Staghorn in a mutiny against Flogg after being promised the position of Co-Pilot of the Mothership, and thus, second in command of the Mutants.

Like most other Mutants,Quakke also has a station of his own on the bridge of the Mothership.He took an active role during the Mutant occupation of Primus, trying to track down He-Man.

Cartoon Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Grabatron Meteoemace
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