Evil Snake Men With The Quick Strike Head

Real Name: Slltyo of the Rattlor House

Rattlor is a member of the Snake Men faction and also the Evil Horde. He is better known as "The General" for his keen insight into enemy strategy. After sounding his sinister battle rattle, Rattlor lashes out at victims with his terrible quick-strike head! He is large menacing fighter.

Origin #1 (MOTU Vintage Mini-Comics)

He first appears in the "King of the Snake Men" MOTU minicomic, where he and Tung Lashor are called from another dimension by King Hiss. When they appear, Kobra Khan says they "are from the Evil Horde on Etheria!", but both Snake Men swear allegiance again to their former leader King Hiss.

Origin #2 (Filmation Princess Of Power)

Rattlor begins his journey as a member of the Evil Horde, on Etheria, where he was often paired with Tung Lashor. Later, he is shown working for Skeletor in the "Christmas Special".

Origin #3 (200X MYP Cartoons)

Rattlor was the general of King Hiss's troops. In the episode "Snake Pit", General Rattlor is the first Snake Man freed by Kobra Khan. While formerly portrayed as another idiotic henchmen in the Filmation series, the Rattlor of the new series is a commanding figure and a cunning tactician who serves as King Hiss's right-hand man. He also gradually develops a rivalry with Kobra Khan who attempts to replace him as King Hiss's lieutenant. This version of Rattlor often makes allusions to his, and the other Snake Men's taste for human flesh, something that was deemed too controversial for the Filmation series.

Origin #4 (MOTUC Official Bio) 

A loyal leader in King Hssss' army, Rattlor was the first of the Snake Men to escape their imprisonment in the Void. He worked with the Snake Men descendent Kobra Khan to liberate the entire serpent arm. Once freed, Hssss quickly began ta three-way war against the Masters of the Universe and Skeletor's Evil Warriors, with Rattlor leading the attack. Eventually, Khan manipulated Hssss into demoting Rattlor and he defected to the evil Horde army. Under Hordak Rattlor became better known as "The General" for his keen insight into enemy strategy.

Trivia (Clawful94): In both action figure versions, Rattlor has an extending neck and a long tail. Both incarnations of the toy have a "rattle" sound. In the minicomics and She-Ra TV series, Rattlor is portrayed mostly as Tung Lashor's sidekick, whereas his 2002 portrayal, he is King Hiss' direct second-in-command. The vintage figure has a cream colour extended neck, but there is also a variant version that has a red neck. Rattlor was voiced by Lou Scheimer (1980s series) and Richard Newman (2002 series) 

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ALLEANZA : Snake Men
SPECIE : Snake Men
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Snake Men Staff
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