Evil Long-Armed Viper

Real Name: Schisszz Shazzz

Sssqueeze is a character in the Masters of the Universe franchise, He is a member of the Snake Men, who has the power to elongate his arms.

History #1 (Vintage Mini-Comics):

Sssqueeze first appears in the minicomic "Revenge of the Snake Men!", where King Hiss summons him and Snake Face from the dimension where the Snake Men are trapped. He gets little character development, with Snake Face's powers being the main focus of the comic. Sssqueeze also appears in the minicomic "Energy Zoids", where Rotar takes his long arm and uses him as a living mace.

History #2 (Marvel Comics):

Sssqueeze also appears in the Marvel Comics series, first in issue #8, where he is depicted as a member of the Evil Horde, and later he makes a cameo in issue #12 as a member of the recently arrested Snake Men.

History #3 (MYP 200X Cartoons):

Sssqueeze also appears in the 2002 animated series, along with the Snake Men. Though the minicomics and Marvel Comics depict him with normal hands, in the new series his hands look like snake heads when his arms are extended. He is mostly the one to see if Kobra Khan is a true Snake Man by having eat a defeated human.

History #4 (MOTUC Bios):

One of King Hssss' chief lieutenants during the Great Wars. Shazzz was better known to his enemies as Sssqueeze due to his trademark "slither hold". He enjoys entangling his foes with his powerful constrictor snake arms and just can‘t keep them off any enemy. As soon as a fight starts he's in the thick of things, wrapping up the first warrior he gets a grip on. Trapped in the Void for several millennia, he was at long last released along with the rest of the Snake Men Army by their descendent Kohra Khan. Finding Eternia ripe for conquest, Shazzz continues to serve King Hssss in battle. His enemies cannot escape the long arms of Sssqueeze!

Trivia (Clawful94):In one episode of the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series, Kobra Khan is suddenly shown to have long, extendable arms; a concept that may have origins in the prototype for fellow Snake Man, Sssqueeze. In the minicomic "Revenge of the Snake Men", Sssqueeze is named Tanglor, the prototype-stage name for the character. Brian Dobson voiced Sssqueeze in the "Mike Young Production 200X Cartoons".

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ALLEANZA : Snake Men
SPECIE : Snake Men
SESSO : Male
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