Horde Troopers

Horde Troopers
Evil Mechanical Enforcers of Hordak
Horde Drone Serial Numbers

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

Horde troopers are the mindless robotic warriors built to serve the evil Hordak. After praising and exploring the uses of technology over the use of magic, Hordak used his troopers to invade most of Etheria without having to sacrifce his elite force in battles for power.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

In his factories on Etheria and later Eternia, Hordak mass produces countless robot enforcers. Each is dressed in armor similar to the foot soldiers of his home planet Horde World. Linked to a central computer brain, Horde Troopers can be programmed to follow any evil command they are given. With the robotic strength to overpower all enemies of his empire, Hordak's troopers are more than a match for most enemies. On command from their master, the vicious troopers attack heroic warriors until He-Man lands a powerful punch causing them to fall apart!


ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Robots
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Fright Zone (Etheria)
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Horde Laser Baton
Horde Crossbow
Dragon Staff
Horde Trooper Shield
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