Heroic Leader Of The Rock People

Real Name: Stonedar

Stonedar is the leader of his race; a noble and wise warrior who acts as a kind of father figure to the younger, more excitable Rokkon. Stonedar, Granita and Rokkon are representatives of an entire race of people whose bodies are encased in shells of rock, who can transform themselves into the forms of meteors. When in meteor form they gain the power of flight as well as near-invincibility.

Origin #1 (Mini-Comics & Other Publications)

There were many origins of the Rock People, before and after Filmation. Origins were provided by the MOTU Mini-Comics, German Audio Plays, UK World Annuels, Comics and Magazines. The basic idea is that Rokkon and Stonedar crashlanded on Eternia, because their world was gonna be destroyed one way or another and various members of the race settles on Eternia. Basically, Rokkon and Stonedar become members of the Masters Of The Universe.

Origin #2 (POP Filmation)

The Rock People are known as the Comet Warriors. They were members of a scouting party from the planet Geolon, who are looking for a new home as their planet's sun is due to explode. They are a peaceful race who refuse to fight, but are left with no other choice but to do so when Rokkon is captured by Hordak. Although initially feeling Etheria is too violent for their race, after realizing that they share a common bond with She-Ra and the Rebels desiring to live in peace, they eventually choose to settle in a peaceful region of Etheria, known as Spikeheart.

Origin #3 (MOTUC Official Bio)

From the heart of the Horde Empire, Anillus Kur unleashed a powerful light storm which drove the Comet Warriors from their orbit and hurled them through space. Blasting through several untamed star bands, several Comet Warriors, including Stonedar, their heroic leader, arrived on the magical planet of Eternia. Part of a peaceful clan that shies away from conflict of any kind, Stonedar quickly realized some evil needed to be fought and allied himself and his warriors with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Stonedar can use his blazing armor to temporarily blind attackers in battle. When the Rock People are in danger, he transforms into his boulder form to drive back the enemy!

Trivia (Clawful94): There are many origins of the Rock People out there, but the characters: Rokkon and Stonedar were originally meant to be members of the Masters Of The Universe. They were used in Filmation POP Cartoons, because the MOTU series had ended. The News Paper Comic Strips reveals Rokkon and Granita to be Stonedar's children. Stonedar was voiced by George DiCenzo in the POP Filmation Cartoons. He was never featured in the 200X series.

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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Geolon
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Cosmic Gun
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