Dragstor - Evil Transforming Warrior/Vehicle
Real Name: Theydon 

A member of the Evil Horde, Dragstor is a cyborg warrior with a tyred wheel built into his chest and an engine on his back, which enables him to transport himself along the ground at super-speed, like a vehicle. This power renders him the fastest member of the Evil Horde and a highly feared opponent. Some portrayals also suggest the fumes from his engine to be noxious and poisonous.


Dragstor and Extendar were formerly Eternian humans named Theydon and Doodon respectively. They were best friends who regularly competed in races together. Theydon was one of Eternia's master runners and regularly won his races. While competing in an annual race, Doodon stumbled and fell into quicksand, and Theydon, although leading in the race, sacrificed his victory in favor of saving his friend. However, immediately afterwards the two were captured by the Evil Horde and taken to Hordak's laboratory, where Hordak turned them both into cyborg warriors to serve him. Although Theydon was completely brainwashed upon his transformation into Dragstor, Extendar, touched by the way his friend had saved his life, resisted the effects of the brainwashing and escaped from Hordak. He joined the ranks of the Heroic Warriors and vowed to fight on until Dragstor was freed from Hordak's curse. The relation between these two warriors is built upon in later stories, in which Extendar finds himself unable to fight against Dragstor due to their former friendship. Dragstor is portrayed as mindlessly loyal to Hordak, with no memory of his human life, and is also highly exuberant and eager to help out in all Hordak's schemes. His loyalty earns him more respect from Hordak, who in a later issue gives Dragstor the honor of being the first warrior to pilot his new vehicle, the Fright Fighter.


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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Cyborgs
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Horde Crossbow
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