Evil Master Of Swords

Real Name: Ritter

Blade is a master swordsman and bounty hunter. He has a brigand-like appearance, with a patch over his eye and completely bald head. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman, whose swordsmanship can rival He-Man. He is a swordsman of great skill, carrying two swords and an array of knives. He is clearly an expert with all forms of bladed weapons and none can match his sword-fighting skills.

Bio #1 (Live-Action Movie)

Blade is sent to Earth by Skeletor, along with Beast-man, Karg and Saurod to find the second Cosmic Key. It is discovered, however that He-Man and his companions are also searching for the key and Blade faces He-Man in one-on-one combat, although retreats with the others when Teela and Man-at-Arms arrive.Blade returns to Earth, this time under the command of Evil-Lyn and the evil warriors succeed in obtaining the key and capturing He-Man, and leaving his companions stranded on Earth. Upon their return to Eternia, Skeletor has Blade whip He-Man, in the throne room of Castle Grayskull. Soon after, Man-at-Arms and the others find a way to return to Grayskull, and in the ensuing battle, Blade is knocked into one of the deep pits of the Castle. He apperently survives, for he appears in numorous comic books.

Bio #2 (Official Bio)

A pirate from the Kylax System, Blade arrived on Eternia in a spell of light cast by Skeletor to increase his forces. Agreeing to join the Overlord of Evil for the right price, Blade sold his services and took part in the Second Ultimate Battleground, fighting blade to blade with He-Man himself at the top of Viper Tower. He later traveled with a small renegade party, paid to seek the Cosmic Key from its inventor. Although he failed in this mission, his deadly mastery of the sword has left his mark, becoming one of the most wanted men in Eternian history. Blade uses his dual swords to battle heroic warriors - for the right price!

Famous Quote: "I've waited a long time for this..."

Trivia (Clawful94): In the live action movie, Blade is portrayed by Anthony de Longis. In the comic book adaptation of the movie, Blade is drawn with with yellow skin and with a large grilled mask over the lower part of his face. He is apparently mute, with no dialogue at any point, and is referred to by He-Man as "silent one." Blade and Saurod were my favorite charactors from the movie.

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