Heroic Magical Flying Broom

Real Name: Broom

Broom is a enchanted, living broom that is the flying companion of Madame Razz. The pair have been at one another's side for a long time, though just how long is unknown. His speed and agility have also helped the Rebellion a lot, although he often struggles in flight, when carrying Madame Razz. This has resulted in many crashes, collisions and clumsy landings, which Broom often gets blamed for. However, their squabbles aside, Madame Razz and Broom share an enduring that is one of the strongest and most touching. Broom is usually on the receiving end of Madame Razz's experimental spells! Like Madame Razz and many of the smaller characters, Broom is a victim to a lack of confidence, though, like Kowl and the Twiggets, he will also work to conquer his demons when his friends are in danger. He's not a warrior and doesn't have any battle tactics. He is mainly used as Madame Razz's transportation and spy.

History #1 (Filmation):

Broom and Madame Razz's history together is never fully revealed, but it is established that they had adventures before they met and that they met after Etheria's invasion by The Horde. It is revealed that Broom knew that King Ahgo had seen The Crystal Castle, but Madame Razz didn't know this. Broom is noted for his speed, which comes in very useful for the Rebellion. On one occasion he evades capture while carrying two other people. Madame Razz and Broom have a love/hate relationship mirroring Bow and Kowl's relationship. However, Madame Razz and Broom's good natured bickering is nowhere near as sharp and sarcastic as theirs. In various situations he will comment on Madame Razz's age, or correct her mistakes when she is trying to cast a spell. Broom, next to Light Hope, Kowl and Madame Razz is aware that Adora is She-Ra.

Trivia: Broom was voiced by Lou Scheimer, in the Princess Of Power Filmation series.

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SPECIE : Magical
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Whispering Woods
SESSO : Male
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