Watchful Feathered Friend
Real Name: Penelope

Peekablue is a member of the Great Rebellion, who possesses blue peacock feathers. These magical feathers give her the ability of enhanced sight. Because of these magical feathers, it is said that she could possibly see into the far reaches of the universe or to sense and predict events before they happen. To access her power she allows her feathers to spread and she can use her powers to see either locally on Etheria or at its greatest level. When Peekablue is shown to use her powers, she is shown to be in deep concentration. Peekablue is proof that physical power isn't everything in battle against the Evil Horde. Brains and other abilities come into it too!


Filmation Cartoon Continuity:

Peekablue is a wise, all-seeing character, who aides the Great Rebellion, in their war against Hordak and the Evil Horde. She prefers to be a loner, who feels more comfortable aiding She-Ra and the Great Rebellion, with no physical contact. She really has no physical strength or powers that would help her allies.

She is so nervous and frightened by the Evil Horde, that she opted not to live in the Whispering Woods. Instead she resided in a far-away place. On one appearance, Peekablue is shown in a temple-like structure, where she sits upon a throne, that indicates she has some kind of high status on Etheria. On another occasion, Peekablue is shown in a far-away cottage, where she lives alone, far away from any society.


Peekablue only appeared in the vintage Princess of Power mini-comics, in a small capacity. She wasn't a major player in this continuity.


Peekablue did not have a big part in the various books continuities. He appearances were no bigger than just a one-time cameo.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

A magical princess of Etheria, Penelope has the power to see in all directions. Her fabulous peacock feathers fan out into a beautiful plumage which is the source of her powers and making her a master spy. She is so proud of them that she likes to strut around Etheria just to show them off. It is the eyes at the tips of these pretty plumes that give her the power of omnidirectional vision. This bird's eye view of all Etheria lets her know when Catra and the Horde make mischief. After the Horde left Etheria, she joined She-Ra and the other members of the Great Rebellion on Eternia to continue to fight for freedom and peace. During the Second Ultimate Battleground she fought side by side with Man-E-Faces, eventually falling in love with him and choosing to stay on Eternia as a member of the Masters of the Universe.


- Peekablue does not have an established origin in the various continuities, that she has appeared in. Whether she is from a race of peacock people or just a single person, who has her abilities.

- Peekablue is voiced by Erika Scheimer in the Filmation cartoons.


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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Whispering Woods
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Bladed Fan-Like Weapon
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