Evil Miniature Mutating Minion Of Hordak

Other Name(s): Unknown

1983 Filmation MOTU/POP Animated Series Canon:

Imp is a shape-shifting spy who helps out Hordak. Imp is a small creature who appears to be a cross between a bat and a pig. He is Hordak's loyal servant who spies on the Rebels by transforming his shape into harmless-looking objects. Imp points out to Hordak when other members of the Evil Horde fail in their different missions, and encourages Hordak to vent his anger on them. Because of this nature Imp is hated by most other members of The Horde. It is not just The Horde who have a dislike for Imp, but also members of The Great Rebellion. Imp is actually rather distinctive amongst the Horde, as he is one of their few members with the ability to fly.

Imp's main task is due to his shape-shifting abilities, is to spy on members of The Rebellion, and report back to Hordak, which has been shown on several occasions. Imp has little influences within The Horde, being more like a lapdog.

1983 Ladybird MOTU/POP Books Canon:

In a deviation from the other canons, Imp wasnot a single character in the Ladybird books.There were many Imps, and they all servedHordak as spies.

1984 MOTU/POP World Annual Books Canon:

In this canon, Imp serves Hordak in the same way he does in the Filmation Animated Series.

1986 MOTU Marvel Star Comics Canon:

Imp appeared by Hordak’s side when an invadingfleet arrived on the planet Eternia. He would laterbe depicted as a bright pink creature. In both ofthese appearances he did not have any fingersor thumbs.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

A diminutive with bat-like wings, Imp was the most devoted servant of Hordak. He could take on a form proportionate to, or smaller than, his body mass and use this ability to spy on members of the Great Rebellion and fellow Horde's member alike, regularly reporting their going-ons to his master. this fact landed prominent members of the horde in trouble at one time or another. For this reason, Imp was greatly loathed by his comrades.

To make matters worse, Hordak was genuinely fond of the creature, and even named Imp lord of Eternos when the horde overthrew Eternia. After Hordak death, a grief-stricken Imp was hunted by spiteful Horde members. To escape them, he disguised himself as a bushtailand hid in the Evergreen Forest.

Later, Imp hatched an insidious plot to infiltrate Central Tower, where he opened a time portal to bring Hordak from the past to the present. He nearly succeeded but was stopped by Orko and an enraged Kowl. Though Imp was imprisoned for his crimes, his failure inspired him to devise an even more horrific plan.

2012 DC MOTU Comics Canon:

Eternia, Imp was given thetitle of lord. Lord Imp wasgiven jurisdiction overEternos and the EternianRoyal Palace during theHorde occupation.


- Imp was voiced by Erika Scheimer in the MOTU Filmation cartoons.


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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Unknown Race
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Fright Zone (Etheria)
SESSO : Male
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