The Know-It-Owl
Other Name(s): None

1983 Mattel MOTU/POP Mini-Comics Canon:

In the POP minicomics, Kowl was known as the "Know-It-Owl" because of his highly developed intelligence. He enjoyed speaking in rhyme whenever he talked and kept an eye on dangerous situations. Due to his small size and his ability to fly from place to place, he was an excellent scout. Kowl was a loyal friend to Adora and Bow and one of the few individuals who knew that Adora and She-Ra were the same person.

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

Kowl is one of a fast-depleting race known as the Kolians. He lives with most of the other Rebels in the sanctuary of Whispering Woods. He uses his gift of flight to aid the Rebellion and often warns them of attack or other impending doom. Kowl lacked courage, but he generally overcame his fears where his friends were concerned. His apparently long-standing relationship with Bow was tempestuous, and the pair frequently (and often hilariously) bickered. Often, Kowl would emerge victorious from these quarrels, using his wit, intelligence, and sharp tongue to great effect. The two seem to have a history together, but this isn't fully explained or fleshed out. He was one of the few who knew that Adora and She-Ra were one and the same.

Although his race is almost extinct, other members of his race do exist; a female love-interest named Kowla and an evil cousin known as Red Eye.

Kowl’s ability to fly made him a good scout for the Great Rebellion, and he would warn them about oncoming attacks-or their impending doom.

1983 MOTU/POP Golden Books Canon:

Kowl is a very wise member of the Great Rebellion, and one of She-Ra's secret keepers. He is not known for his bravery, but makes up that flaw with his intelligence and common sense. Kowl is very close with fellow rebel member, Bow. Kowl serves as a spy for the Great Rebellion. He is from a race of creatures, who have extremely large ears, that enable him to fly.

1983 MOTU/POP Ladybird Books Canon:

Kowl is the very wise creature, who helps the She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. Though Kowl is very cowardly, he serves the Great Rebellion as a spy and has the ability to communicate with all the creatures of the Whispering Woods, for She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. He is known to be one of Bow's closest allies, even though they both express a difference in opinion. Kowl perches on Bow's shoulder, like a parrot on a pirate.

1984 MOTU/POP World Annual Books Canon:

Kowl is respected for his cheerful wisdom and common sense. He is loved by the members of the Great Rebellion for his sense of humor.

1989 Brazilian Estrela POP Mini-Comics Canon: :

In the Brazilian POP minicomics, Kowl was extremely fond of sleeping. He liked nothing more than to take a nap on a tree branch. Even while in midflight, Kowl could be heard remarking that he was becoming sleepy.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

The Classics added little to Kowl’s characterization. Having joined the Great Rebellion after fleeing the Horde’s attacks on his tribe, Kowl befriended and fought alongside Bow for many years. Later, he traveled with Bow to Eternia and participated in the Third Ultimate Battleground.


- Kowl and Loo-Kee were part orf the 2014 Club Eternia Random Chase Figures for Masters of the Universe Classics line.

- Kowl was voiced by Lou Scheimer in the POP Filmation Cartoons.

- Unlike his Filmation depiction, Kowl was yellow, not brown, more closely matching his action figure’s color scheme.


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SPECIE : Kolians
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Whispering Woods
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Knowledge; Flight
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