Evil Robot Of A Thousand Bodies

Real Name: Multi-Bot

Multi-Bot is a two-headed robot serving Hordak and the Evil Horde.
He composed of multiple body parts which he can reform at will into thousands of different shapes. He is a robot equivalent of the character Modulok. Multi-Bot is a creation of Modulok, although as is the case with Modulok, who can change into numerous different shapes, used to confuse his opponent. Multi-Bot's body parts could be combined with those of Modulok to form an extra complex creature called the "Megabeast". He consists of many transformable body parts, with enough to form two separate robots. Whereas Modulok is a highly intelligent inventor, Multi-Bot is merely a robot duplicate of himself, but with more changing abilities.

Origin #1 (Vintage Mini-Comics):

Multi-Bot was created by the shape-shifting Modulok, as a new weapon for Hordak to fight He-Man and the Heroic Warriors of Eternia. When he was sent to destroy He-Man, Multi-Bot was seemingly unbeatable, because of his ability to rebuld himself, He-Man throws the magnets, brought by Sy-Klone, at Multi-Bot before any further reassembling. The magnets mess with Multi-Bot's program, who can only follow his secondary program to destroy Hordak.

Origin #2 (POP Filmation)

In the POP Filmation Cartoons, Multi-Bot was similar to Modulok, in the fact that he did not display his ability to change into a thousand forms. Multi-Bot did have a shape-changing ability, that added a new dimension to his character, like his ablity to transform into a tank-like vehicle. He also had the ability to transform his hands into a variety of weapons, which included an ax and a hammer. In the episode, "Black Snow", Multi-Bot accompanies Modulok on his plan to use the Weather Wheel to create Black Snow in the Frozen North, to create a war between the people of the Kingdom Of Snows and the Selkies, of the Kingdom Of Galacia. She-Ra has a brief battle with Multi-Bot, but is defeated, along with his master, Modulok. The general portrayal of the character is comical. Whereas Modulok is a highly intelligent inventor, Multi-Bot is merely an incompetent robot who serves as Modulok's bumbling assistant throughout the episode, blowing Modulok's cover by accidentally telling She-Ra the whereabouts of Modulok's hideout. Multi-Bot was shown working for Skeletor in the "Christmas Special".

Origin #3 (MOTUC Bios):


Trivia (Clawful94):  Multi-Bot was voiced by Lou Scheimer in Filmation's "She-Ra: Princess of Power" cartoons. Since the show's first season was produced while his figure was still in development, he appears in the series with the same image as the mini-comic, almost unrecognizble from the toy. Like Modulok, he was a challenge for Filmation's animators with their limited budget, unable to afford to produce multiple animation cels to represent numerous different shapes. Therefore, like Modulok, he was given one general shape for the show, but whereas Modulok's shape-changing abilities are only ever alluded to in the series, the animators were more adventurous with Multi-Bot and show him moving his body parts.

An apparent prototype redesign of Multi-Bot was made by toy sculptors Four Horsemen Studios for the 2002 relaunch of the MOTU toy line, but since the line was cancelled before the Horde could be introduced, the character was never included. Given the design's lack of resemblance to the original character, it has been speculated that this was actually intended as a brand new character, and the name of Multi-Bot may have been merely reused from stock as a working title.

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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Robots
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Fright Zone (Etheria)
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Two-Sided Laser Rifle
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