True Blue Horse Flies Bow To Victory
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Arrow is Bow's flying, blue steed that was created for the She-Ra, Princess of Power toy line. The Arrow figure is a blue Pegasus with detachable wings. As some merchandise art shows Arrow without wings, it's unknown if the intention is that he's a Pegasus, a normal horse (with the wings added for mere marketing value) or a horse who can transform into a pegasus like Swift Wind.

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

Arrow is Bow's beautiful steed that accompanies him on many a mission. Unlike Spirit, Arrow does not have the power of speech and behaves much like a traditional horse on peak physical condition. Arrow is extremely quick and can leap large chasms even with a rider on his back. Arrow is exceptionally faithful to Bow and will always be by his side when he is needed.

1983 Mattel MOTU/POP Mini-Comics Canon:

In this canon/continuity, Arrow is portrayed as the blue horse, without the wings, similar the vintage action figure. We never actually see Bow ride upon Arrow's back. Glimmer used him to race Adora and spirit. When the four approached a the mysterious portal to Crystal World, Arrow bolted away and sending glimmer flying to the ground.

1983 MOTU/POP Golden Books Canon:

Like in many canons, Arrow is the noble steed of Bow, who is the greatest archer on Etheria. Arrow is a beautiful, blue, winged horse, who flies Bow into battle.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics

Loyal steed of Etherian Bowman Kyle Reculla, Arrow was trained from birth to soar into battle at a moments notice. Serving Bow with utmost loyalty, Arrow carries not only his master but several quivers full of magical arrows each with their own unique properties. He carried Bow into many great battles both on Etheria and later on Eternia after several members of the Great Rebellion fallowed Hordak through the Laser Gate to aide the Masters of the Universe. During the Second Ultimate Battleground Arrow saved the lives of many heroic warriors with his swift moves in the air and on the ground.


- When Arrow debuted in the "Secret Of The Sword", where he appeared as just a horse. Instead of the action figure's original color scheme, Filmation portrayed as a tan and orange horse, with no magical powers of flight.

- When Arrow was released as an action figure for the Masters of the Universe Classics, he was created to look like the Filmation version, with the option of adding wings, if desired. The wings came as accessories.


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SPECIE : Horses
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Whispering Woods
SESSO : Male
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