The Most Powerful Man In The Universe

Real Name: Adam, Of The House Of Randor 

The most powerful man in the universe. He-man was given his tremendous strength by the power of Castle GraySkull. The Sorceress gave the sword of power to Prince Adam on his 18th birthday. Whenever trouble threatens Eternia, Adam holds aloft the sword and transforms himself into the mighty champion He-man the defender Castle Grayskull. His chief task is to falter the various schemes and machination of Skeletor, Hordak and King Hiss, who will stop at nothing to take over Eternia.

There are several that know He-Man's secret, that would include: Man-At-Arms, Orko, The Sorceress, The Profitess Of Silvanos, Green Goddess, Master Sebrian, Mara (Possibly) and Queen Marlena (Possibly).

At He-Man’s side are the ever faithful Battle Cat, King Randor’s royal army and the heroic warriors. He-man is sworn to protect Castle Grayskull and must display the dignity and honor that his duty demands. He-man is usually the first to prefer resolution compromise before resorting to violence. Even when Skeletor endangers himself He-man will come to his aid. 
Randor comes to rely on He-Man to solve the problems of his kingdom. 

Physically He-man's most impressive quality is his strength which is on most occasion without equal except for Faker. His super human strength comes from the abyss beneath Castle Grayskull which feeds the castle its power. When He-man squares off physically against Skeletor’s villains he usually looks for non violent ways of battling them. While He-Man’s powers are mainly physical he also possesses a deep rooted sense of morality. Being trained by Man-At-Arms he sometimes uses his knowledge of science to solve problems. He-Man is not invulnerable and can be thoroughly drained from exertion.

The chest harness that he wears was fashioned by the Sorceress from Coridite, and helps add to He-man’s incredible power. The Sword of Power’s main purpose is to act as a conduit for the power of Castle Grayskull and is used to transform Prince Adam into He-Man and Cringer into Battle Cat. But he also uses it as a useful tool to deflect laser blasts, smash apart blockades and pry open tight areas. He-Man is a testament to strength and endurance both mentally and physically. He-Man is a true hero.


  • King Randor - Father
  • Queen Marlena - Mother
  • She-Ra/Princess Adora - Sister
  • King Miro - Grandfather
  • Keldor - Half-Uncle
  • King Stefen - Uncle
  • Prince Goras - Cousin
  • Prince Jeremy - Cousin
  • Prince Dal - Cousin
  • Lady Edwina - Cousin
  • King Grayskull - Ancsestor 
  • King Tamask - Ancsestor 


  • He-Man being able to blow, using the full-capacity of his lungs, a gust of wind powerful enough to knock over most opponents (similar to Superman's "super-breath"). 
  • Able to transform himself into a human tornado (sometimes with the aid of spinning his sword) to divert objects, or even fly short distances on rare occasions ("Evilseed" and "The Shadow of Skeletor" being two such examples). 
  • Able to run at high speed, creating a vacuum ("The Once and Future Duke") 
  • Able to rub his hands together fast enough to turn sand into glass (as seen in "Temple of the Sun"). 

There are also dubious feats specific to plot, such as an inexplicable ability to fix a broken chain by merely connecting both ends ("Evil-Lyn's Plot"), to adjust the course of one of Eternia's moons by flying a Wind Raider to it and pushing it ("Jacob and the Widgets"), and shattering/deflecting a falling moon (on a collision course with Eternia) by throwing a rock from the ground at it ("Eternal Darkness").


  • Battle Armor - To adapt to new enemies and situations, Adam has learned to tap further into the great power which his sword unlocks. The combined Power of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Elders is used by Adam to imagine and create new forms of armor and weapons to combat evil. His BATTLE ARMOR was created to protect He-Man during his early battles with Skeletor and his evil warriors. Using the Power of Grayskull, He-Man The Most Powerful Man In The Universe is now shielded by his mighty BATTLE ARMOR.
  • Battle Sounds - He-Man transforms into his "Battle Sounds" version after eating Ambrosia, a miraculous food made by the Andreenids, Buzz-Off's people. As Battle Sounds He-Man, he is stronger and more powerful. 
  • Battle Sounds - He-Man transforms into his "Battle Sounds" version after eating Ambrosia, a miraculous food made by the Andreenids, Buzz-Off's people. As Battle Sounds He-Man, he is stronger and more powerful. 
  • Cruncher - He-Man transforms into a Mutant to infiltrate Skeletor and Flogg. 
  • Flying Fists - This outfit increases the speed of He-Man's fists. It comes with a spinning three-headed mace and a rotating shield.. 
  • Ice Armor - With this armor, He-Man cane withstand the extreme cold temperatures of Eternia's ice regions. . 
  • Jungle Attack - It's the form where He-Man's camouflaged. His weapons include spinning saber blades and a dual arrow crossbow.  
  • Laser Light - He-Man becomes the master of light energy with this form. This form includes laser energy that makes his Sword Of Power glow with energy. It is powered by Korodite crystals. . 
  • Mega Punch - This form has He-Man wearing cybernetic gloves to increase the power of his punch.  
  • New Adventures - This outfit that he wore during the Galactic Wars.  
  • Samurai Armor - This armor was created to help He-Man through the power of a Legacy Stone. 
  • Snake Armor - This armor was created to help He-Man battle against the returning Snake Men. It can withstand the venom of the Snake Men. It has cybernetic snake arms with snapping power pincers.  
  • Spinning Blade - This form of He-Man wields a spinning blade weapon.  
  • Thunder Punch - With the combined Power of the Universe and the element of lightning, the sword of power created a form in which He-Man could deliver a punch that caused a lightning effect greater than 10 times the power of a lightning bolt.  
  • Wolf Armor - This form uses a cybernetic wolf claw, that is retractable.  

Commentary By Clawful94: John Erwin voiced He-Man in the Filmation Cartoons. Dolph Lundgren portrayed He-Man in the live action movie. Gary Chalk voiced He-Man in the "New Adventures Of He-Man". Cam Clarke voiced He-Man in the Mike Young Production Cartoons in 2002-2003.

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