Crimson Fury

Crimson Fury
Heroic Hero From The Crimson Waste

Real Name: Prince Ali-Ahmar

Crimson Fury is the masked identity of Prince Ali-Ahmar, from the Crimson Waste. He is a secret an ally of the Great Rebellion. The Crimson Fury is a masked desert hero and who travels Etheria’s Crimson Wastes along with his hawk companion, Talon. He has caused the Horde a great deal of trouble and has a score to settle with the nefarious Count Sneer.

When the Horde came to Etheria, Prince Al's family chose peaceful cooperation with the ruthless in in order to minimize the casualties. In the years that fallowed, the Horde's oppression unbearable to Ali, yet he knew that his family's honor and safety would be forfeit if he were to openly defy their Horde overlords. Assuming the masked mantle of the Crimson Fury, Ali challenged Scorpia by helping the mighty She-Ra. Together, they fought Scorpia's Horde troops in the Crimson Wastes and protected the underground routes that provided food and resources to the Outlawed Rebellion. Though respects the mighty She-Ra and hate the Horde, his loyalty to his family may one day force him to choose between them and his desire to drive the Horde from Etheria.

Bio Credit: Gbagok 

POP UK Magazine Appearances:

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Crimson Waste, The
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Scimitar Sword, Mask
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