Queen Marlena

Queen Marlena
Heroic Queen Of Eternia

Real Name: Marlena Glenn
Alias/Other Names: Captain Marlena Glenn, Lieutenant Marlena Glenn

Queen Marlena has a very important role on the world of Eternia. Not only is she Queen, but she is mother to Princess Adora and Prince Adam. Marlena Glenn was born on the planet of Earth, where she became an astronaut for NASA. She was one of the first Earthling women to fly to outer space. She is a very wise and knowledgeable ruler, and a tad wiser than her husband Randor, who occasionally makes a scene, leaving Marlena to chuckle to herself. Even though she misses Earth at times, Marlena is extremely happy with the family she has now. As Randor's wife, Marlena stands besides her husband with a great deal of loyalty and integrity. She rarely disagrees with him and only occasionally pokes fun at him. Where they truly differ is on their son Adam, in whom Marlena holds more faith and trust. She is never upset by Adam's apparent goofiness, assuring her son that she has always been very proud of him, and hinting that she is aware of Adam's secret identity. She is a very strong-willed person and even when confronted by Skeletor she will show no fear towards him. Queen Marlena has the phenomenal piloting skills that she learned as an astronaut on Earth.

Origin #1 (Early Publications):

The concept of Eternia having a king and queen predates the establishment of Prince Adam as a prominent character and He-Man's alter ego. As such, the roles of the Eternian royals are fairly limited in early stories such as the minicomics written by Gary Cohn, where they are little more than an elderly couple looking on in horror when Skeletor threatens the kingdom.

With the introduction of Prince Adam in the Paul Kupperberg stories for DC Comics, both the king and queen take on a larger role, with the unnamed king expressing disappointment in his son's antics and the queen always taking Adam's side. The queen's backstory as an Earth astronaut is first indicated in From Eternia -- With Death!, to explain how He-Man is familiar with the exploits of the visiting Superman. Marlena is not named until Masters of the Universe #1, which fleshes out her origins.

Origin #2 (Filmation Cartoons):

The woman named Marlena Glenn was a NASA astronaut from Earth whose ship, the Rainbow Explorer / Valiant, crash-landed on the distant planet Eternia after being struck during a meteor shower. Marlena was lifted from the wreckage by the world’s High King Randor. He invited her to stay at his palace while recuperating, and during the course of her stay they fell in love. Not long after, they were married and she gave birth to twins: Prince Adam and Princess Adora.

At the same time, Eternia was under siege by an invading army called the Horde, led by a tyrannical commander named Hordak. During one attack on the Royal Palace, Hordak and his pupil—Skeletor—broke into the nursery, where Marlena was tending to her children. Skeletor ambushed the queen and held her captive while Hordak scooped up Princess Adora. Just as he was about to grab Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms entered and managed to drive him away; meanwhile, Marlena used the distraction to overpower Skeletor and free herself. Marlena and Man-At-Arms interrogated Hordak’s abandoned pupil, who told them of the Horde’s base at Snake Mountain. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and Man-At-Arms went after Hordak, but were unable to stop him from fleeing Eternia with the absconded princess. Later, with the king and queen’s permission, the Sorceress cast a spell that wiped all memory of Princess Adora from the people of Eternia.

As time went on, Queen Marlena watched her son’s growth with pride.  While her husband was often frustrated by Prince Adam’s seeming disregard for duty, Marlena sensed there was something more behind his frequent disappearances.  She confirmed this after personally leading a battalion of soldiers to Snake Mountain on a mission to rescue her family from Skeletor’s clutches.

Eventually, thanks to the Sorceress and Prince Adam, Marlena was reunited with Princess Adora. While she reluctantly understood her daughter’s need to return to Etheria and fight the Horde’s occupation, Marlena was sad to realize that the family could not stay together quite yet—she and her husband even vowed to help the Great Rebellion in their struggle so that the family could be reunited for good, and did so by providing advanced weaponry and assistance by their greatest warriors (including He-Man and Man-At-Arms).

Aside from her exceptional piloting and fighting skills, the queen’s technological know-how was second only to that of Man-At-Arms. She was also brave in the face of danger, and a calming influence on children.

Origin #3 (New Adventures Of He-Man):

Queen Marlena appears in the first episode of The New Adventures of He-Man series, "A New Beginning". When her son, Adam, reveals to her and King Randor that he will travel to the future, he also reveals his secret identity as He-Man. Marlena and Randor tell their son they are very proud of him before he leaves. Marlena and Randor look similar to their previous Filmation incarnations, and wear the same robes, they are also seated in the same throne room. Curiously though, Marlena now has blue/grey hair.

Origin #4 (200X Series):

e 2002 animated series, Marlena is given a somewhat reduced role, although is characterized much the same way. No mention is made, however, of Marlena having been an Earth astronaut in this continuity. She is, on one occasion, depicted as an accomplished diplomat and competent warrior, wearing battle-armor and defending herself against the Snake Men in episode 33 Of Machines and Men.

Origin #5 (MOTUC Bios):

An explorer from planet Earth, Marlena traveled with two companions in an experimental warp ship through a dimensional rift. Crash landing on Eternia, Marlena was the ship's only survivor, rescued from certain death by a young Captain Randor. Falling in love with him, Marlena chose to remain on Eternia as Randor's wife and eventually serve as Queen after the end of the Great Unrest. Although her children do not suspect it, she is well aware of both Adam and Adora's dual identities and is proud of her warrior twins. Often assigned diplomatic duties, Marlena has been trained by Duncan and Clamp Champ and has led Randor's armies into battle in times of need. Queen Marlena helps rule the free people of Eternia with her wisdom and strength.

Before she was Queen of Eternia, Marlena Glenn was a heroic explorer and space captain from planet Earth. Along with her courageous crew, she traveled the stars in search of new sources of fuel for her homeworld. A crack shot with almost any laser rifle, she prefers a Higuchi 114 model for its speed and accuracy. On many adventures she learned to rely not only on her strength and courage, but her intellect as well. After completing her assignment with Project Photog, Marlena volunteered to pilot an experimental warp ship through a black hole. Arriving in the center of her dimension, she became the first Earthling to make contact with the magical planet of Eternia. Late in life, she used the power of the Cosmic Key to return to her homeworld, discovering a great secret that linked the two planets she called home!

Trivia (Clawful94): Marlena's origin as a marooned astronaut is greatly expanded in the "Masters of the Universe Bible", developed for the first animated series. Here she is the commander of a shuttle mission to the Jovian moon Europa, with Biff Beastman, Evelyn Powers, and T. E. Scope as her crew. When the shuttle is accidentally pulled out of Earth's universe, Marlena and the shuttle crash on Eternia while the others materialize on Infinita, the homeworld of Skeletor, and become his minions. However, these new concepts were largely unused, except in the storybook New Champions of Eternia.

Both Linda Gary and Jay Scheimer were the voice of Queen Marlena, in the Filmation Cartoons. Venus Terzo was the voice of Queen Marlena in her cameo in the "New Adventures Of He-Man". Nicole Oliver was the voice of Queen Marlena in the 200X Cartoons.

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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Royal Palace Of Eternos
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Higuchi 1114 Laser Gun,
Marlena's Royal Staff
Marlena's Royal Sword
Queen's Crown Of Eternos
CORRELAZIONI : The Cosmic Comet
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